Turn Your $60 Router into a $600 Router

When the world is becoming digital, all we need to stay ahead in this time of digital media or digitalization is – NETWORK. The Router is all about that network or we can say the router is a network device that allows communication between our local home networks (personal computers etc.) and other connected devices or the internet.

A router is the primary line of security from trespass into the network. Moreover, you can easily access your router panel without much hassle and be secure.

With a simple upgrade in firmware we can boost the wireless signal and start turning the $60 router into a $600 router and improve our computing experience. So, here we will know how we can upgrade the Router to a powerful one.

All we need is:

  • A supported router. We can use Linksys WRT54GL wireless router and follow the instructions specific to the router we use.
  • The DD –WRT v23 SP1 generic mini firmware version. With recent updates The DD-WRT now support more devices so we can work with updated versions
  • The standard firmware version of DD-WRT V23 SP1
  • We will upgrade the firmware twice –
  • With use of the mini firmware.
  • With use of the standard firmware.

Upgrade to The DD-WRT firmware

To upgrade the router to the DD-WRT firmware we can follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the relevant file for he router we want to upgrade
  2. After downloading the file we will find two files in the corresponding folder. We will need

the web flash file to upgrade the DD-WRT.

  1. Now access the GUI of the router and in the administration tab click on the firmware upgrade tab
  2. Browse and select the previously downloaded file.
  3. At last click the upgrade button and the upgrade process will start, wait until the restart of the router.

After completing the recent process, use IE explorer for better workability and result and then go to the text file carefully and follow the instructions. We will do two edits in the text file.

  1. Go to the command prompt and type ipconfig/all. Record the gateway to default. The two subnet DNS addresses and the subnet mask. While setting the IP address manually on the PC or laptop as per the instructions.
  2. You should be in the folder that contains the downloaded DD-WRT V24_microwrt54 file.
  3. AT last be on a wire to the router and download both the DD-WRT micro files.
  4. With this procedure install the micro version on the router.

After completing this process switch the laptop or PC to receive the IP address via DHCP. It will enable the access to the DD-WRT micro install via the IP address with the login details, username being root and the password admin.

Boosting wireless signal

After the upgrade of the firmware it’s the time to boost the wireless signal. For the boosting in the wireless signal go to the Wireless Tab and then to the Advanced Settings. Find the entry label Xmit power that can be setup to 251mW.

According to the DD-WRT manual increase up to 70 would be suitable for most of the users so change the Xmit power to 70 and save the settings.

Bandwidth throttling via program

Bandwidth Throttling is a process to reduce the traffic on the network. One can hinder certain types of traffic on the network via bandwidth throttling. The $600 router is one step above in treating one request for bandwidth. Bandwidth caps are a simple way of bandwidth control by most of the providers. 

Bandwidth capping limits the amount of bandwidth a user can use in a limited or certain period of time. We can prioritize interactive traffic while throttling traffic that does not depend upon a steady bandwidth rate. By doing this, one can assure about having enough bandwidth even if the network gets choked. If there is a need for a lot of bandwidth, the IP address can be prioritized.

When the router is bricked

In the process of flashing up the firmware the router got bricked. Up gradation does not mean that it will work on every router model. The upgrade that went bad is the cause of Bricked Router.

If the failure of the router is immediate that means the Firmware has bricked the Router. One can check the router by examining the lights on the router, connecting a computer directly to one of the LAN posts with an Ethernet cable to develop a hardwired connection. When the router bricked, it does not mean that everything is lost.

The DD-WRT will help you out in recovering from a bad flash. The router will hold the security concern of your network, port forwarding and all the other regular things that are handled by the router still one should backup the router configuration before performing any firmware update or any changes in the firmware.

Certainly if we decide to try this out there is a lot of dormant for the many other things one can try or one can try some other options or sources too.


Tweaking your router here and there would save you a hefty amount. Sure, expensive routers guarantee a ton of features, but the same can be accomplished according to your own needs by following this guide. Sometimes pricey routers are equipped with functions you would not end up using, too. And while upgrading the system seems like a job for a professional, following these suggestions would tune your router to perform its absolute best.

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