Upcoming Trend of Textured Wooden Flooring

Textured wood flooring gives you the feel of being welcomed in your own home every day after a tiring day. Moreover, it’s always a good decision when you consider using wooden floorings instead of tiles or carpets. Not only does textured wooden flooring makes your home appear sophisticated but also cuts down a lot of your cost. It’s a costly affair when you install a textured wooden flooring. At the same time, it proves to be profitable for you. The wooden flooring increases the value of your property. If you own a wooden flooring, then it reduces the everyday task of mopping the floors as no dust is accumulated. Let us grab some knowledge about the upcoming trends of textured wooden floorings.

Are you looking for some parquet flooring? Well, the engineered wood flooring can adorn your entire home. The dark colour of the woods gives an expensive feel to your home. Though using this engineered hardwood can make your room look smaller but it exposes the rich taste that you possess. Three options are available to you when you chose this colour for your flooring. The colours are Jacobean, expresso and dark walnut. You can deck up the room with some dark chocolate wooden cupboards.

  • Bleached textured wooden flooring

Do you think that a bleached textured wooden flooring will cost you very less? Well gone are the days when people did not use bleached wooden flooring for their homes. They preferred dark coloured woods over bleached woods. This kind of a wood is in style right now and more and more homeowners are preferring it so that they can add a chic appearance to their home. With such a wooden flooring you can deck up your home in any way you wish to. It can be the contemporary style or even the chic style. Embracing elegance should be your motto.

Using this wood on floors can make your home appear larger. Moreover, cleaning up stains is an easy task. This wood doesn’t accumulate dust. So, cleaning it once a week is enough. There is various kinds of looks which you avail of this texture. They are bamboo, maple, white oak, red oak, and ash. Such a texture makes your house appear classy.

  • Whitewashed textured wooden flooring

Using whitewashed textured wooden flooring adds elegance and a mod look to your home. This type of a wooden flooring gives you a feeling of welcome and warmth. Extensive variety of styles can be mixed and matched with this type of a wooden flooring. Farmhouse styles are best suited when your floors are whitewashed. There is no doubt that your home will appear larger and brighter than before. As this style of wooden flooring is being used by many customers, therefore, home decorating objects can be bought very easily.

  • Caramel coloured textured wooden flooring

One of the most exclusive and posh appearing wooden flooring. This type of a wooden flooring can sweep you off the floors. As soon as you enter your home after a hard day at the office you will feel the warmth underneath your feet. An elegant colour which is in demand in the market. It is not a tough job to find honey coloured woods for your flooring these days. The finish is such that it remains evergreen forever.

Apart from that as soon you install this wooden flooring in your home you will find out that your home appears to be larger than ever before. The smooth texture underneath your feet will be loved by you and your guests. This kind of a flooring requires very less maintenance and its long-lasting. Even if the trend is gone you will still find that you as a homeowner won’t be willing to change the appearance of your wooden flooring. Therefore, head to it and welcome your guests warmly to your home.

  • Grey coloured wooden flooring

Five years from now manufacturers produced this type of a finish in a limited manner so as to see whether the homeowners take it in a positive way or not. They were taken aback when this kind of a flooring became a hit among the homeowners. You as a consumer must be thinking that grey is such a bleak colour. It can only symbolize sadness. Well with homeowners who have already installed it the case is bit different. They have paired the grey wooden flooring with dark and chic colours in their homes. Therefore, grey can be contrasted with dark and bright colours. You can paint your walls with deep blue colour so that your grey flooring goes hand in hand.

When it comes to trend then this wooden flooring is in huge demand among the homeowners. They are preferring it much more than any other colour of wooden flooring. The texture is fantabulous which gives a feeling of joy and warmth.

  • Mix and match textured wooden flooring

When it comes to the combination of mix and match then homeowners are dying to get hold of this texture. In this one wood is of light shade and the other is of darker shade which looks remarkable when installing on the floors. Installing this type of a wooden flooring is a matter of refinement of taste. The exclusive and premium appearing woods can be easily availed as more and more consumers are installing it so as to increase the resale value of their homes. This wooden flooring makes the home stand out among many of the mansions. A bold and chic looking flooring.

Therefore, wooden floorings are of various different types. It’s totally up to you which kind of a wooden flooring you as a consumer is looking for. Installing a wooden flooring is a one-time investment with huge returns. Not only will you be praised for the appearance of your home but if you ever think of selling your home you will gain a lot in the long run. None of the above mentioned wooden floorings is to vanish immediately.

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