Update Your Business Directory Now with Data Cleansing Services!

Obsolete data is one of the biggest challenges faced by small as well as big business institutions. And if outdated information is not substituted with new, updated and complete data, your company is at a huge risk. As a result, irrational decisions, drawing inaccurate conclusions, misleading results, and so on, will become a recurring concern that can cost your business a large sum of capital. To avoid such misfortune and terminate these data problems, there are data cleansing services. So, let us explain to you how they can help your business.

What are Data Cleansing Services?

This may sound astonishing that approximately 94% of businesses encounter inaccurate data in their customer and prospect database. To reduce this percentage, there are several data cleansing services, one such trusted portal worldwide is D&B Optimizer, offered by Dun & Bradstreet. They identify errors, clean them and use algorithms plus business intelligence to improve the quality of your business data.

It’s rightly said that quality matters more than quantity, which is true in the case of business data as it is the most important factor to grow your company, in both financial and non-quantifiable aspects.

So, if your business deals with data inaccuracies frequently and you cannot manually fix them, then using such services would be of great help.

Benefits of Data Cleansing Services

Apart from fixing errors, there are many benefits associated with data cleansing services, let us go through them one by one below.

  1. Makes your Database Stronger to Create an Impact

Upgrading your database by evaluating existing data to identify incomplete records, duplicate entries, and inaccurate information helps to stay ahead of the competition within your industry. In addition, you can use this updated information to your advantage by targeting the right prospects and making profitable sales conversations to increase your revenue.

  1. Helps Add New Data to Grow your Business

Data cleansing services, such as D&B Optimizer, is backed with a comprehensive database that helps you add new data entries that are beneficial for your business. Company address, phone, email, total employees, annual revenue, are some of the kinds of information you can obtain. This assists your corporation to get top quality B2B data to identify opportunities, increase productivity, save time and effort, and enable business growth.

  1. Better Analysis & Decision Making is Possible

When data is accurate, you can analyse and draw proper conclusions, which help in making informed decisions for your organisation. With D&B Optimizer, you can get dynamic visualisations to rapidly perform analysis and make quicker and accurate sales and marketing decisions when dealing with prospects.

Final Thoughts

If you want your business to survive and flourish in the long run, you shouldn’t overlook data cleansing. Instead, save time by employing data cleansing services right away so that your firm can concentrate more on other business functions.

D&B Optimizer could be your data friend that assists you in conducting tests to identify errors in your business database and fill those gaps before it’s too late. You can sign up for a demo through their website and make your decision accordingly.

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