Volkswagen T-Cross Engine Line-up to Include Four Turbo Variants

VW T-Cross

Finally, VW has introduced its long awaited small SUV, it is a VW T-Cross which is based on the modular transverse matrix platform which is commonly known as MQB in VW circles. The German automaker has decided to introduce the new T-Cross SUV with all the right boxes ticked on the customer’s wish list. Just like any popular model, VW has been introducing the T-Cross with four engine options, all of them would be turbocharged engines. There are three petrol powered turbo engines and only one turbo diesel engine introduced on the lineup to cover all its market.

VW T-Cross Engines Family

The all new VW T-Cross can be bought with any of four engine options, however, for the petrol lovers 1.0 litre three-cylinder petrol engine is the best solution. It is a 3 cylinder 1.0 litre TSI engine capable of producing 96hp in its base version and also available in 115hp version. Alternatively, if someone loves to have bigger displacements and even wider power span, there is another petrol option available with 1.5 litre TSI engine. Yes, the all new T-Cross can be powered by a 1.5 litre TSI petrol engine which is an even more capable petrol variant in the VW LT engine lineup. It cranks 150hp and has a four cylinder configuration.

The range closer is a VW T-Cross diesel engine with four cylinder configuration. The 1.6 litre TDI four cylinder engine is capable of cranking 95hp and comply with the toughest emission standards so far. Including all three petrol variants, the diesel engine also complies with the euro6 D-Temp emission standards. Nice to hear, finally VW has achieved the standards on its both diesel and petrol engines. VW has selected the Navara manufacturing facility in Spain for the manufacturing of the new model and the automaker has recently pledged a massive investment of $1.13 billion on the Navara plant and all will be invested during 2019.

Why T-Cross is awaited? Here are few features about the new VW T-Cross you should know before you opt it as your next driving partner in the UK.

Four Stunning Features of VW T-Cross

The all new small SUV has few facts and features which are totally new for any VW lover. The automotive giant VW has made the newest move on the T-Cross as a smallest and long awaited SUV of the automaker and it is indeed an entirely new entrant in the VW’s sport utility vehicles.

VW confirmed the T-Cross as a most compact SUV so far and it will compete for the models like Renault Duster and Hyundai Creta. There are few features which would make the T-Cross prominent and excellent in the model lineup and competitors’ lineup.

The MQB Modular Platform

A new modular MQB platform actually belongs to the massive Tiguan and T-Roc family of vehicles on VW SUV lineup and VW has decided to introduce the same platform on the T-Cross as well which a daring act and it will continue the legacy of the automaker on its T-Cross models as well. It wouldn’t be a bad thing at all if the automaker wishes to keep the legacy on the smaller models. The automaker has modified the platform to the extreme needs of the smaller T-Cross and introduced the MQB A0 version of the transverse modular platform. According to the automaker, this combination would give a more rugged and excellent driving experience and the feedback on the model would be just awesome.

Four Engine Options – All Turbocharged

VW has been kind enough to make certain that the UK market always loves to have more options on a product. Thus they have decided to introduce the T-Cross with four rugged engines. This act has increased the engine options for the buyers and chances of more sales for the automaker. This time around VW New Engines has same engine lineup as the Vento offering and its competitors like Creta which is also available in more than four options. Most of them are turbocharged engines and coupled with manual gearboxes. However, the German automaker has planned to aim at the massive range of audiences with its larger engine line-up.

Polo Converted into a Crossover

It is confirmed that the T-Cross is the newest entrant in the model lineup of VW and being the smallest SUV in the lineup it gives an impression of being the Polo sibling. In essence, it is Polo crossover with a modular platform but far better than the Polo.

Fuel Economy and Mileage

The all New T-Cross has a larger range of engines and the automaker has carefully tuned the T-Cross to offer utmost fuel economy and refinement. All engines are euro6 emission complaint and the fuel economy is around 64 miles per gallon on petrol engines and 80 miles per gallon on the diesel engine.

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