Ways to Keep Stress from Ruining Your Wedding Day Look

As the “star of the show” every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. Yet, the stress that often comes with planning a wedding can really take a toll on your health and beauty. The pressures of making sure you’ve dotted all the eyes and crossed all the tees prompts you to eat things you shouldn’t, drink and smoke to calm your nerves, and even lose hours of sleep.

You continue this pattern of poor health habits as a means to cope with it all. As a result, you’ve got bags under your eyes, you’ve put on a few extra pounds, and your emotions are all over the place. If you’re going to look good for your upcoming nuptials, you’ve got to make some changes – and fast. Below are some health and wellness tips to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Put Down the Vices

It would seem like common practice to have a few drinks or to smoke when you’re overwhelmed by the pressures of planning a wedding, but it’s not ideal. Though you may find some temporary relief from smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, the damage these substances can do to your health and beauty is extensive. Putting down those vices is one of the best things for getting in shape for your wedding.

If you can, go cold turkey. If not, there are other options you can consider. For smokers, you might try switching to a vape, using gum, or a patch to help you quit. If alcohol is your crutch of choice, try to get your consumption down to no more than one drink a day. If that isn’t possible or you believe you’ve developed a dependency or addiction, seeking therapy options is the best way to getting the support you need to quit.

Take a Chill Pill

They don’t call stress the silent killer for no reason. Though stress is a natural response to being under a lot of pressure, when experienced for extended periods of time, it can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. From body aches and weight gain to skin problems and anxiety, there are so many things that can impact your health and beauty.

There’s no denying that planning a wedding is stressful. The trick is learning how to relax when you’re feeling overwhelmed. If necessary, take a break from wedding planning, enlist the help of others to lighten your load, or change your wedding date (if possible) so you have more time to plan. When you feel yourself getting too stressed out, take a 10-minute walk outside, meditate, take a nap, draw yourself a hot bath, go get a massage, or spend time doing something unrelated to the wedding with people you love.

Find Healthier Food Alternatives

It’s not uncommon for the undue amount of stress to cause you to crave and binge on things you really shouldn’t have. As you know, an unhealthy diet can lead to weight gain, skin issues, mood swings, depleted energy, and so much more.

Instead of chowing down on things like pizza, ice cream, candy, and other things you shouldn’t consume, look for healthier alternatives. As stress can really drain your body of energy, it is important to make sure that you’re eating well-balanced meals. The best way to soothe those junk food cravings is to find healthier alternatives. Veggie fries can easily replace french fries, veggie burgers are healthier than beef, instead of potato chips try kale or sweet potato chips.

Get Some Rest

The closer it gets to your wedding day the more stress you’re under. You find yourself pacing the floors unable to get any sleep as you try to remember the tiniest details of your special day. This lack of sleep, however, increases your stress levels, limits your body’s ability to replenish itself, drains you of energy, and does a serious number on your skin.

This one may seem nearly impossible to do, but it’s essential to ensuring stress doesn’t wreak havoc on your health and beauty. Create a bedtime routine so that you’re winding down and getting to sleep at a reasonable time. Don’t talk about the wedding just before bed to reduce the stress you’re under.

Don’t let the stress of planning a wedding weigh heavily on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn how to fight back by taking care of yourself. By stopping the bad habits, learning how to relax, eating healthy, and ensuring you’re getting enough rest every night you will, without a doubt, look your absolute best on the most important day of your life.

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