What are the 5 Muscle-Building Meals for Your Keto Diet?

Although some people are of the opinion that big, bulky muscle can only be obtained via an increase in carb consumption, the keto meal plan is what beats them all, hands down.

The key is on the composition, consistency, and commitment to the same amount of proportions of meals for as long as it takes. For the typical keto bodybuilder, a well-balanced meal has about 75% of healthy fat, 20% of proteins and 5% of carbohydrates.

To build muscles, and sustain your achievement, what is required is to follow the keto diet religiously and for the long-term. The longer you stay committed to the programme, the more your metabolism efficiently burns the ketones for energy, which then bears your workouts.

More Protein for More Muscle

Since your goal is to build more muscle mass and strength on the keto diet, protein consumption needs to increase. Some people do worry about the impact of gluconeogenesis. It is a condition in the body where excess proteins are converted into glucose. However, this type of glucose becomes useful both for the survival of your body and the brain.

Increase Your Calorie Intake

Again, to build muscle on the keto diet, the amount of calories you are consuming on a daily basis needs to be a bit higher than usual. For instance, aim for 250-500 surplus calories in your daily diet to help you gain the muscle mass that you need.

If you are just beginning, the number of surplus calories should be on the higher side, than say, if you have been the diet for a while. This is because the muscles are actively prompted and they are regenerating and functioning at their optimum, hence the need for more calories intake. Typically, the number of calories for beginners should be about 500; for people who have been in the game for a while, 250 excess calories are recommended

The Best Meals for Muscle Building While On the Keto Diet

There is a variety on the table, and the best thing is that there are also some delicious meals that will keep you firm and grounded on your keto diet. The same meals can support you in your muscle building endeavors.

  1. Steak and Eggs

If you can have this simple yet delicious keto meal for breakfast, it is one that promises to give you a double dose in the form of proteins and fats. The nutrients you get for this combination are good support for endurance and performance. The meal comprises of 692 calories, with 51 gm of fat and 45 gm of proteins.

  1. Keto Smoothies

It takes a wise keto dieter to equip themselves with a good keto smoothie recipe. Most of these recipes consist of well-balanced fat, protein and carb proportions. According to Konscious Keto, the smoothies, taken within 30 minutes of a workout have the nutritional properties to support muscle repair and improve performance. The basic essentials in a keto smoothie are first and foremost:

-Fats. If you include healthy fats in your smoothie, you quickly get fat-adapted, which is an important requirement of the keto diet. Fats help your body in the production of large amounts of ketones, which then provide the needed fuel for muscle building. Some of your options could include cashew nut butter, peanut, and almond butter, combined with avocado.

-The perfect fruits or your smoothie come in the form of berries. These are preferred because of their low-carb properties; more so, berries also consist of rich fiber.

-Keto vegetables in the smoothie are the non- starchy ones and those that are low-carb. An excellent example of low-carb veggies includes cabbages, Broccoli, celery, garlic, tomatoes, and spinach. The list is broad, so it is up to you to choose carefully. Whenever you add these types of veggies to your smoothie, what you get is an essential dose of nutrients in the form vitamins and minerals. Their work is to boost your immunity and promote skin health and brain function.

Keto Smoothies

  1. Roast French Beef 

As one of the most recommended keto recipes out there, French roasted beef consists of about 57 gm of proteins. The proteins keep you well satiated, and it as an essential nutritional component to help you bulk up the muscles. It also comes just with enough fats to make up for the calories you need to keep the game going.

  1. Oven-baked Salmon in butter

This meal is not only delicious; it has the required nutritional properties to help you build muscle mass.  As an essential component, butter is good for fat intake and boosts up your level of energy for ultimate performance and muscle strength. The proteins in the salmon are necessary for muscle development. With an additional olive on the sides, you are in the safest keto diet hands.

Oven-baked Salmon in butter

  1. Roasted Broccoli

This meal comes with all the original flavors and all the fibers. As one of the easiest recipes to make, the beautiful greens are equipped with rich micronutrients necessary for the keto diet. Some of the crucial micronutrients found in this meal include vitamins C and K. This vegetable also contains Phosphorus, calcium as well as folate. When you combine this with essential macronutrients found in fat, proteins, and carbs, there is entirely no reason for you not to build strong muscles.


It is entirely possible to build nice muscles with carefully selected and proportioned keto diet. One thing for sure, the results do not come in overnight. To achieve sustainable outcomes, your level of consistency, and a commitment to the right proportions matter a big deal.

Again, this is a diet that you need to lean on and adapt for the long-term. The right quantities of fats, proteins, and carb remain necessary to achieve your goal. Besides, more calorie consumption takes you a step further in muscle building. In the keto diet, one of the most important considerations is the origin of your meals. In this case, preference is on the meats, fats and fruit and vegetables that are of organic nature.

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