What Can You Expect From Weight Loss Shakes?

Losing weight is on almost everybody’s mind in this era of obesity epidemics. Unfortunately, most people look for a quick fix to shed the pounds in record time, rather than looking for a sustainable way to lose weight by leading a healthier lifestyle. Not all quick fixes are bad for you though, but what can you really expect from protein shakes for weight loss, also known as weight loss shakes?

What Do Weight Loss Shakes Do?

Protein shakes for weight loss provide you with a simple and safe way to lose weight, if you have will power as well of course. Basically, they provide you with a liquid diet which in itself will help you to lose weight by giving you all the proteins, vitamins and minerals you need.

Weight loss shakes are supposed to replace a full meal, or even every meal if you really have will power. The idea behind protein shakes for weight loss is that the protein allow your body to burn extra calories in fats by turning these into energy.

What is Protein?

Protein, as found in weight loss shakes, is what the body uses to make new muscle, as well as repairing muscle tissue. By adding protein to your diet, for example by taking protein shakes for weight loss, you may be able to shift some significant amounts of weight.

The best way to lose weight, or at least to lose body fat, is by building up your muscle tissue, preferably through regular exercise of course. Having a good amount of muscle tissue will allow your body to burn a tremendous amount of unhealthy calories, even if you are not exercising. Hence, it is believed that taking weight loss shakes can help your reduce the fat levels in your body.

The best protein, which is found in most protein shakes for weight loss, is that derived from egg whites. Egg whites are filled with amino acids and don’t contain any fat or carbohydrates. You do need to watch when you are taking a weight loss shake that these are not filled with fats and carbs as well, of course, as these are more suited for those who also have a very rigorous exercise program, for example marathon runners.

The best protein shakes for weight loss are made out of 100% natural ingredients, which is the best possible way of taking any kind of weight loss shake as you are unlikely to experience any adverse effects from chemical components that way. If you find weight loss shakes that have been artificially or synthetically manufactured, you may want to consider opting for natural protein shakes for weight loss instead. Natural products have also been shown to provide much better results.

Protein Shakes for Weight Loss Flavors

weight loss shake

In days gone by, most weight loss shakes were awful in taste and some people even added other ingredients to improve the taste. Unfortunately, this means the shake becomes almost completely ineffective, as you will be adding calories to your diet that you were trying to avoid.

Nowadays, however, protein shakes for weight loss come in a variety of flavors, to suit every taste. It is possible to find weight loss shakes in flavors ranging from banana to coffee beans.

How to Take Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Generally, weight loss shakes will come in a dried powder form and you will only be required to add a number of spoonfuls to some water. It is also possible to give yourself a vitamin boost by adding it to a home made fruit smoothie. For example, banana is well known for its slow release energy capacities, and adding protein shakes to a pureed banana will not only give you the benefit of the shakes but also those of the bananas.

Do make sure that you check whether there are any adverse effects on the dietary properties. As stated above, if you are on a calorie controlled diet, then adding the powder to anything other than water will increase your calorie intake.

The shakes can be taken at any time during the day and can replace one to all meals every day. However, many people choose to replace only their night time snack and have a shake just before bedtime, allowing the proteins to do their job whilst they are sleeping.

Although these types of shakes work reasonably well and are very safe to use, unlike many other dietary supplements, herbal pills in particular, it is important to remember that the only way to lose weight in a sustainable manner meaning that it stays gone once it is gone is by doing some very good soul searching. How has your lifestyle contributed to the weight you are at now? What can you change in a constructive manner to stop you from putting on more weight?

Leading a healthy lifestyle does not mean you need to swear never to eat chocolate again or walk a mile around a bottle of wine.

It doesn’t mean that you need to change your diet to that of a rabbit either. Eating healthily simply means that you only eat the calories that you need, as well as making sure that you have a good daily intake of vitamins and minerals. One way to achieve this is by ensuring that you eat or drink at least five portions of different fruits and/or vegetables each day. And if you do really want that chocolate cake, treat yourself and indulge. Just make sure that you don’t then still eat your normal daily intake of calories.

Of course, weight loss shakes can be a great way to kick start your weight loss journey and protein shakes for weight loss can be particularly effective if you also start a work out regime, which is incredibly important for sustainable and healthy weight. Exercising your body not only burns a lot of calories, it also keeps you youthful and ensures your muscle tissue and your bones stay strong and healthy. So eat healthy and exercise!

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