What Diet should you Follow for a Successful IVF?

This is a known fact that food and health are related to each other, what you eat will, in turn, affect how you think, how you feel, your energy levels will also be determined by the same, hence aim for having healthy meals, which enhance your chances of conceiving. Your body makes use of the fortified foods that you consume along with the add-on which you have to build and reconstruct the cells, produce hormones and finally in fabricating healthy eggs and semen. Hence, goes without saying that our fertilization largely depends upon our diet.

Having a healthy diet does not mean to leave all the things which you like to have. it means eating more of healthy foods and reducing having the other items. Keep a balance that is all it takes. You should have at least 90% of healthy food and once a while consuming your favorite foods, will do no harm to you. In case you have been craving for food all this while, you will be surprised to see that it goes away in time of yours. Now, let’s quickly see what to eat during Ivf treatment and some alternative methods through which the rate of success can shoot up very high:

Many oldies say that water helps in getting fertilized, mostly if water is had at normal temperature before having food. Many women do not even know that they are thirsty. It is advised by many that women have pure 8 glasses of water, without fail.

  • Oleaginous

Doctors will suggest women who are trying for treatment of Ivf to avoid intake of saturated fats but having unsaturated fats instead, as they are good for the body.

  • Amino acid chain

Have more of eggs and fish in your diet. Eggs and fish are enriched with proteins. Proteins help in manufacturing eggs and hormones, which in turn are vital for reproduction. You can include fish, eggs, along with fatty meats. In case you happen to be a vegetarian then indulge your body with Nuts, Legumes, and Spinach along with other non- animal stuff.

  • Cellulose

Many people think carbohydrates as a very thing. But, one can surely have healthy carbohydrates, which are essential in our day to day life. Nuts, fruits, whole grains, and honey consist of healthy carbohydrates.

  • Greengrocery

A healthy diet means having fresh fruits, vitamins, nuts, seeds and foods which are grown fresh.

  • Paleo Food

Paleo or organic foods do not have chemicals like pesticides, which works as endocrine fighters.

  • Zinc

Zinc also has an important part to play in IVF diet. Women who are getting treated by Ivf are advised to have some amount of zinc on a daily basis to improve reproduction. Zinc helps in regulating the hormonal levels in both males and females, so include nuts, beans, dairy products and potatoes in your platter.

.Besides having a healthy diet, one can include these things also in their lifestyle to help the process of Ivf succeed:

  • Cleansing body

Remove everything negative you have in your life, be it at home or be it in your body. Removing harmful materials, like pesticides, food adulterations, medicines, and many more things will go a long way in improving fertility. It is recommended to be done at least a year prior to getting yourself treated.

  • Massage

Massage has shown to work wonders for the mind, body, and soul. Since Ivf demands a lot of stress though, the tests and the high dosage of medicines, so the message will not only help in comforting the body but also in keeping the mind peaceful. Get in touch with a person who can do massage for you and see the results for yourself.

  • Penetration

Penetration or acupuncture improves pregnancy related to IVF since it helps to reduce tension, boosts the immune system and also controls the hormones.

  • Reflection

Reflection or meditation, as it is better known as has a very positive impact on IVF because it is related to the body. Deep breathing helps in this, deep breathing reduces stress and activates the whole body. Regular meditation or reflection makes the path of Ivf more pleasing.

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