What’s Wrong with a Noisy Aquarium Filter?

When you become an adult, your likes and dislikes start to change. In fact, you start to see pleasure in the little and the simple things. When you’re young, you tend to hate having to stay put in one place for the whole day. You hate sleep, school, and basically everything that feels boring or inactive. As an adult, you realize how much more peaceful those dull moments actually are. How having no responsibility other than yourself actually feels pretty great and just how lucky you were back then to be forced by your parents to get to bed by 9 PM.

As an adult, you just don’t get to enjoy all that anymore. That’s why if there are any kids reading this right now, I’m telling you: Don’t be a brat and just enjoy your childhood. Trust me; those idle days are what you’ll crave for the most the moment you step into this world of hustle and bustle. Check this out: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/philip-hensher/when-adults-want-to-become-children-again-184421.html.

Uninterrupted Sleep – Every Adult’s Guilty Pleasure

Anyway, since we adults find pleasure in the simplest of things like sleep and rest, we also feel twice (maybe even ten times) as frustrated whenever that “simple thing” is also deprived from us. For example, just imagine yourself being in the following situation:

“You’ve had a long exhausting day at work. You’ve had to process a lot of paperwork, got called out by your supervisor, had a minor squabble with a co-worker, and worst of all, the barista at the local coffee shop did not get your coffee right. So you had to force yourself to go through the entire day without falling out. The entire time, you had your mind set on diving straight to bed the moment you get home and get those well-deserved Z’s. And so you did. Unfortunately, the funniest thing happened as you lullabied yourself to sleep, something very disturbing and very annoying keeps coming to your attention. It’s the aquarium filter acting up again.”

It’s a real bummer when that happens, doesn’t it?

There’s a real difference between an aquarium filter that’s noisy because it hasn’t been cleaned out in a while and an aquarium filter that’s rebelliously noisy since the very first day you brought it home. You might not notice it all the time since the sound kind of blurs in the background when the TV is on or when you’ve got the stereo music going.

However, during the most crucial times when silence is all you need to calm down, the annoying sound comes creeping up to your senses and there’s no way you can un-hear it once it does. All through the night, all you can think about is whether you should just abandon your fish and turn off the darn thing or not.

Well, here’s the most obvious solution: Buy a quiet aquarium filter.

Why Buy A Quieter Aquarium Filter?

Quieter Aquarium Filter

Fish are nice. They help us relax and unwind after a long hard day at work. I don’t know what is it with watching them swim back and forth and tapping on the glass of the aquarium to watch them swim away that’s just so soothing to a person’s tired soul. Like seriously, there are days when I can stare at those little critters for an hour. They just look so peaceful with their little fins and squiggly tails and their adorable little eyes that don’t seem to have one care about the world.

However, keeping them and maintaining a good environment for them to live in can be quite a challenge, especially when you have to deal with maintaining your own sanity – well, what with all the noisy plick-plocking sounds from the filter and all, I can imagine someone easily losing their cool.

Fortunately, you don’t have any reason to put up with the noisy piece of contraption any longer. There are recent models that are much quieter and peaceful than what you already have at home. These aquarium filters have noise cancellation mechanisms that allow for soundless operation. You don’t have to worry about not getting a wink of sleep at night if you upgrade to these latest versions.

If you’re not so keen about the idea, you can also try soundproofing your room so that you can at least get some decent sleep at night. Just make sure you don’t have your fish with you inside the soundproofed room or else, what’s the point?

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