Who is the Best Data Recovery Service Provider in India

There are many data recovery service providers in India but only a few of them provide the best services. However, if you ask only one company that has time and again proved itself the best then we can say, “Stellar data recovery India is one of the best data recovery service providers.” Now the question arises is why Stellar is the best? There are numerous factors that make Stellar the best data recovery services provider in India.


Stellar totally understands the importance of confidentiality of the data. It does not matter if the data is from a big company or a simple computer user, each recovery is treated in the same manner. To guarantee 100% safety and security of data, Stellar ensures that the first person to look at the data after recovery is the owner of the storage media. No employee of Stellar, during the entire data recovery process, takes a peek into what they are recovering.


Throughout the data recovery process – from the analysis of storage media for recoverable files to the delivery of the recovered data, Stellar keeps the client updated about everything. Not just informing the clients, but the last decision is also taken by them, after taking all the required information from the Stellar executive.

Make In India

Stellar is a 100% Indian company and offers data recovery software that are purely made in India thus, promoting the ‘Make in India’initiative. This ensures facilitation of investment, foster innovation, and skill development in the country. By using Stellar Data Recovery Services, you will in a way, support and contribute to the Make in India scheme as well as the country.

Customer Support

Stellar provides 24X6 customer support to its clients. This helps in keeping them equipped with the option to connect to the Stellar Data Recovery Services whenever needed.

Data Recovery In All Data Loss Situations

Stellar Data Recovery Services can recover data even in the most critical data loss cases. Be it any kind of damage to the storage media – physical or logical, Stellar is perfectly capable of recovering data for its client. Stellar has ISO Certified Class 100 Clean Room laboratories which are specifically designed to control various parameters such as temperature, pressure, dust, etc. These labs make it possible for Stellar to recover data in severe cases such as physically damaged hard drive recovery.

Easy Accessibility

Stellar has more than 15 branches spread across different cities in India.In case of data damage, the client can reach the nearest center and submit the damaged storage media.

Data Backup

Stellar delivers the recovered data to its rightful owner in the hard disk drive, provided by the client itself, with extreme care. Stellar keeps a backup of the data in their system for the next 7 days, after the date of the data delivery. In case of any mishappening, the client can reach back to Stellar within 7 days and get a fresh copy of the same.

Easy Process

The entire data recovery process at Stellar data recovery India could be summed up into 4 simple steps, which are as follows:

  1. Free Phone Consultation: Stellar first discuss with the client through phone about the process, along with the estimated cost.
  2. Storage Media Analysis: A lab expert analyze the storage media and create a report of the recoverable files present on the damaged storage media. These details are then shared with the client.
  3. Data Recovery and Verification: Once confirmed by the client, Stellar proceeds with the data recovery process. The recovered data is then verified by the client.
  4. Data Delivery: After verification, Stellar delivers the recovered data in a new and tested hard disk drive.Also they follow no recovery-no charge* policy that means you have not to pay if they will not recover the said data.


To sum up, it should be mentioned that the ultimate focus of Stellar Data Recovery Services is to provide best results and quality service to its clients. Providing best data recovery services is the only way of gaining trust of the customers. Till date, Stellar has served more than 3 million customers worldwide.

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