How to Improve My Java Coding Skills?

This is a question commonly asked by most of the beginners in Java.  Being a popular programming language, Java is very successful in most of the platforms. It is a very reliable language and is part of our day-to-day lives which means it is used in web or mobile applications. It is now and is very reliable.

Anyone can write a code that a computer can understand, but only a programmer with good programming skill can help humans to understand it. Do you want to be the one who can write code for computers or the one who can write code to help humans to understand? This blog will guide you on different ways you can choose to improve your Java Coding Skills.

There is so much demand for Java and Java Programmers in the Information Technology sector. Every skill can be improved only after correcting the basics.

1. Strengthen Your Basics

If you are a beginner, then start learning the concepts of java either through Java Training online or through classroom training. Understanding the basics is always essential for constructing your programming skills further. Rather than simply applying things you don’t understand, seek help from experts and get the logic behind it. It may take some time, but, it’s ok, slowly get through your target and then gradually pick up the speed. After learning and sharpening your programming skills, start participating in various challenges conducted by organisational platforms like CodeChef, HackerEarth, HackerRank etc.

2. Practice Coding

After strengthening your basics as in every skill you will improve only by practising what you learned. The more you practice; the clearer will be your concepts.  Practically practice java more and apply each concept through code. You will get each concept clearer with different practical examples with a live demo. You may also refer more books, surf on the internet, go to the library while you start applying things practically.

3. Read lots of Java’s API Documentation

You may read Java documentation available online in many specifications such as API, Tutorials, and JSR etc. These documentations help you to find the information you need when you need it. You can find different things in the API documentation in a number of ways. Each way can be a convenient option in one situation or the other. These documentations help you create an essential foundation for your Java skill based on which you code in the best way.

4. Keep yourself updated with the latest Java technologies

As a Java programmer, the biggest challenge is to keep you up-to-date with the latest technologies. Java technology changes as quickly as possible in every six months and a new version of the framework comes every year. It may pause new challenge to you as a beginner in keeping up to date with all these versions such as from Java one to Java 11 as in 2020. All of these come out with lots of new features like API enhancements, var with local variables, Thread Local handshake, GC improvement and many more. Similarly, the Spring framework and Spring Security have their new and latest versions now in 5.0. JavaScript frameworks like React Angular, Git, the new version of popular framework e.g. Spring, Spring Security, and Spring Boot, latest changes on the unit and integration testing space etc are all kept updating.

5. Create WhatsApp Group Discussions

Make a WhatsApp group with your peer groups and add experts as well and have discussions. Group discussions help you to get different views regarding a specific topic, get new knowledge on something you didn’t know. Also, get the pros and cons of specific things and solve your doubts on this platform.

6. Join Online Forums and Follow Good Blogs

When you want to learn or improve your skill on a new technology or language, the first and the best thing to do is to join a good online forum specifically for Java. Some else may have already faced the issue which you are facing now, so go through the threads of discussion to find the best solution. Follow/Subscribe some good Java blogs where you will get different ideas and shared opinions. Some of the Java programming social forums you can join are the dream in code forum, StackOverflow, code ranch forum and java-forums etc.

7. Don’t Compare

The best thing you do to improve Java Programming skill is not to compare yourself with others who are doing well. It will only help in creating an inferiority complex and grow an unhealthy competition resulting in developing negativity about your skill level. In such a situation analyze your weaknesses and work on to improve areas where you need to improve. Programming is always fun only if you try to improve what you know and gain knowledge on what you don’t know.

These are some of the best ways you can improve your Java Coding Skills. Try to follow these and you’ll start seeing great improvement and result. Everyone has their own opinion, it is based on which language coding you enjoy. So there are lots of reasons to learn the Java programming language because of its future scope, career growth, and more. Java Programming skills will help you advance your career as an IT professional.

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