Benefits of Integrating Live Chat Feature in App

As the usage of smart gadgets has sharply increased worldwide, people are getting exposed to different kinds of apps that act as an information source or help the user to execute some specific tasks. Nowadays business organizations, irrespective of size and location, have their own unique apps to provide excellent customer support. However, very few apps have a live chat feature.

According to 99Firms data, 92% of consumer satisfaction due to Live Chat is eminent on a global study. Moreover, it also states that 79% of customers tend to enquire about things on live chat as it provides instant and error-free responses.

Another study from the same source has shown that in 2019, only 36% of the global companies have added a web chat system. So, you can consider it as a new trend in the market.

Live Chat Feature- What is it?

As it is evident by the name, the Live Chat feature enables the end-users to communicate with the customer care team of a particular business via its app, It takes place online, and the customers can quickly get their doubts cleared. Companies must include this feature in their customized apps to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

Live Chat Feature

If you are currently planning to launch an app for your business, try to include the Live Chat feature to enjoy its multiple benefits. Moreover, you can observe the increasing number of brand-loyal customers.

Key benefits of in-app Live Chat feature

Here are the benefits of the Live Chat feature on an enterprise app. As a business owner, you must hire an efficient designer who can include this feature on your app.

Ensures user’s comfort

Every enterprise app should primarily provide comfort to the users as it enhances engagement and improves the chances of sales. With the help of the Live Chat feature, customers can not only know about several products that the business deals with but also get access to it with the app.

On the other hand, the customer care team can trace the users’ activities on the app and know their preferences. Once they are aware of the intention of a customer, they can put deliberate efforts to turn him/her loyal.

Live Chat supports product promotion

If you are ready to launch a new product, the in-app Live Chat feature can allow you to send a notification to all your existing and potential customers. So, your enterprise application can act as a marketing tool.

In turn, your customers can go through your message and send their views and queries. The best trait of the Live Chat feature is its upkeep. Unless there is a bug in the application, the Live Chat feature can remain active all the time.

So, customers can get a reply against anything they send through the Live Chat. As far as the customer care team is concerned, multiple units can result in different shifts, or a chatbot can be activated for the odd hours.

Live Chat promotes personalisation

Live Chat promotes

The primary expectation of every customer is to get proper attention. Customer care executives handling multiple customers and their queries on the in-app Live Chat can add a touch of personalisation.

This can readily increase customer engagement, and brand loyalty as the customer gets to enjoy their user comfort. Moreover, the representatives can approach them for sales in a more specific manner.

Adds the Real-time approach

All customers can communicate with the customer representatives of a business organisation through its in-app Live Chat. The best thing they can get is an instant response. Generally, the enterprises appoint the customer representatives as they can address the messages coming from every customer.

It is crucial as the chatbot might fail to provide instant response and satisfy the customer. However, if you have a budget crunch, try including a chatbot for odd hours instead of keeping employees active 24X7.

Network and outreach develops rapidly

Any enterprise app having a Live Chat feature can develop an extensive user network within a short time. You can expect all pre-existing customers to inform the potential ones to download the app and check the features.

Now the customer care executives can track the new users easily as they can get the alerts. Afterwards, they can approach the new visitors to inform them about the products and increase sales.

You should always remember that once the network starts increasing, you have to set proper credibility among the customers as they can use your app for a long time. The Live Chat can be the gratification means for the users.

Enhances Social media presence

Social media presence

The features and performances of an enterprise app can majorly determine the condition of the social media presence of a specific business. If your business app contains the Live Chat feature, you can observe most people commenting about it on several posts.

Now if it is quite responsive, you can expect lesser negative reviews on the social media profiles. It happens as your customers get satisfied using your application.

On the other hand, you can get more negative reviews if your app lacks the Live Chat feature or it is less responsive. Make sure you rectify the matter rapidly as negative reviews on social media platforms can ruin the image of your business.

Fight with competitors

No businesses take a huge shape right from its beginning. However, some strategies can help it to expand within months. The modern approach of setting up a business is to open a website, social media platforms, and an app.

Any business having all the above can easily stay in the lead from its competitors. On having an e-commerce website, the essentiality for an app increases more.

Furthermore, the presence of the Live Chat feature can extend your sustainability in the market as very few of your competitors will have the same quality on their apps.

Final words

As a businessperson, you should hire a good app designing company that can design a user-friendly in-app Live Chat interface. Moreover, it is your concern to hire efficient customer representatives and distribute their workloads.

To enjoy all these benefits, a rightly functioning in-app Live Chat feature is most important. So, you should check the previous projects on which the company has always worked. The testimonials are likely to be found on the website as most organizations try to showcase them to the customers.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is the package. Make sure you compare the rates before signing a deal. Although the experts consider that Live Chat has its own drawbacks, the customer trends say something different.

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