Why are E-liquids Best Choice for CBD?

CBD is fast gaining momentum as a powerful natural cure. People are slowly exploring its benefits with an increase in the number of CBD users. Scientific research has already confirmed the many healing properties of this compound.

Today with so many different ways of consuming this non-psychotropic cannabinoid there is confusion as to which one is the best. There are a plethora of ways to consume it. You can take it orally through a sublingual tincture, apply to the skin using a topical or even smoke high concentrated CBD cannabis.

However, none of these methods can outperform vaping which is rather the quickest way to get varying quantities of CBD into your system, where it can heal the body through a variety of changes.

The British industry is making a large proportion of medical cannabis along with CBD e-liquid which the consumers find appealing. People out there are curious about the benefits of cannabis sans getting stoned. CBD being a healthier and non-addictive substitute to lethal opioid painkillers. It does the job by acting as an anti-inflammatory and effective anxiety reliever. So with that in mind let’s have a look at some of the ways of consuming CBD.

There are mainly four ways to get CBD into your body.


It is best for those adults who have past vaping experience. Teaching a non-smoker how to do that would be little complicated. Through inhaling the CBD enters the lungs and quickly diffused into the bloodstream bypassing the liver.

It is the most effective way of CBD delivery system as pure CBD isolate gets into the system in the form of vapourised e-juice.In order to use CBD vape oil, you will need an e-cigarette, vape pen, or vaporiser. Then add heat and inhale the required amount of vape oil to your choice of device.

Topical application

In this method, you apply lotion or cream containing CBD and works with only the uppermost layer of cells. A topical solution could be applied anywhere on the hands or legs. This way it does not enter the bloodstream but not losing out on its efficacy.


Concentrated CBD oil and tinctures can be taken sublingually, i.e. under the tongue. They are called tinctures as it is consumed by taking a couple of drops on or under the tongue. This mode of delivery allows the compound to be absorbed by the capillaries and enters directly into the bloodstream. It is mainly for immediate and long-lasting relief and is absorbed instantly into the blood.

Ingesting it

CBD oil comes in a variety of capsules, candy and is also mixed with a variety of products including juices and salad dressing. This is the easiest way to consume it. Just swallowing the oil in the form of capsules allows it to pass through the digestive system and then get metabolised in the liver.

So why is CBD e-liquid the best way?

An e-liquid is simply a solution meant for the purpose of vaping. For smokers, nicotine was the first to be administered through vaping in a healthy and less toxic way. The cannabis industry also faced a similar problem for many years. The hot smoke of cannabis was associated with premature ageing and a potential cancer-causing agent. The switch over to vaping took a lot of research and then companies came up with vape liquid that could be mixed with CBD.

These days the most common CBD e-liquids available in the market are made out of industrial hemp. It has a very high concentration of CBD but very low in THC level, which is the compound that causes a feeling of high.

The CBD e-liquid is sold in potencies that are suited to both experienced and new users. Also, use of cannabinoid has no potential for abuse. You can top up your dose if you feel the dose is not high enough for you.

The advantages of vaping CBD over other methods

Having discussed why e-liquid is one the best ways of consuming CBD lets look at what are the advantages it has over other methods.

The topicals and edibles cannot simply compare to the fast relief that vaping can offer. The absorption rate is much faster in comparison to any other method used to administer CBD. The reason being that cannabinoid that is heated to close to 90-degree centigrade swiftly enters the bloodstream where it is transported to other parts of the body. In contrast to this, it takes a lot of time in other methods for CBD absorption.

Since the e-liquid market is flooded with a variety of flavours, CBD can be mixed along with nicotine vape liquids to give a taste enhancing the experience.

It has relatively fewer side effects in comparison to edible modes of CBD like CBD capsules as it will not mix with any of the medication.

It has the most long-lasting effect and is retained for a very long time in the body.

How can Vaping CBD help you?

Having talked about the advantages lets now take a look at how can E-liquid CBD benefit you.

Reduce Anxiety

CBD has proven to reduce anxiety in humans by promoting GABA receptors which help to soothe the brain when it gets hyperactive. Getting control of anxiety increases focus and concentration.

Cure depression

CBD contains anandamide which helps to produce a mood boost by binding with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. CBD being an antidepressant is very effective in curing depression.  It has been instrumental in the treatment of a variety of mood disorder as well.

Mitigate chronic pain

Whatever type of pain you might be undergoing vaping will allow cannabinoids to release the pain by acting on the pain receptors of your brain. It binds with the vanilloid receptor which is responsible for the sensation of pain.

Final thoughts

An increasing number of people around the world are using CBD as a pain reliever and mild depressant. The regulatory effect of CBD on the body could be essential in keeping the body’s mental and physical functions in balance.

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