Why You Need a Review Writing Service for Credibility and Clicks

More than 90% of consumers research a business or brand on Google before making a purchase. Besides the overall look and feel of a website—is it professional, or mobile responsive—reviews are the most significant factor in whether or not someone will buy your product or service. Over 80% of Yelp users check out a company’s Yelp reviews before they decide to buy, and if you have bad reviews or no reviews at all, you’re losing revenue.

So, why do you need a review creative writing service? For credibility and clicks.

Without positive reviews, your target customer will buy from the competition, leaving your business to stagnate. Over half of U.S. adults google a person or brand before deciding to do business with them, and if you lack in the review department, you might as well not exist. Furthermore, over 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust reviews from friends and family. You need reviews for social proof.

What is social proof?

Human beings are social creatures; they look to their peers, colleagues, family and loved ones on what to buy, where to go, and how to speak and act. When a significant, vocal minority of people like something and talk about it, the word spreads. Their positive words and actions regarding an object, place, or person influence other people by sheer association. This is social proof.

Your reviews act as your online social proof for your brand or business. The more people who talk about or share your product or service, the more it will turn your cold market into warm leads and prompt them to buy. Eventually, their positive words will reach a critical mass. This is how something goes ‘viral’ or becomes a big hit or bestseller.

Thinking, researching, and deciding which product to buy, what place to go to, whom to talk to and whom to trust is mentally taxing. People, therefore, look to see what others are doing to take away some of the strain of decision making. You want to make it easier for your target customers to make a purchasing decision, and you can do this with other people’s positive words about your brand.

This is why you absolutely need a professional review writing service for your business.

A professional review writing service knows exactly how to craft a review to get the maximum result from your target audience—social proof, which is credibility, which will turn into clicks for your business. If those clicks take the viewer to a sophisticated, direct and simple landing page, you’re going to see increased conversion rates and therefore, sales.

Furthermore, professional review writers know how to give a concise assessment of your product or service that will positively influence the viewer. The more concise, well-written, and engaging reviews you have on the internet, the more you will build positive brand awareness. A choice coterie of reviews within the online ecosystem is going to build your credibility and reputation as a trustworthy business.

Since nothing is hidden anymore in the new digital age, your reputation is everything now. While years ago it was relatively easy to hide a bad review from a contentious former customer or cutthroat competitor, it isn’t so simple or easy now. Once a bad review or negative article was written about your business goes live, it can never be erased unless the author agrees to take it down. But, you can bury the credibility of the negative review with numerous positive reviews.

In today’s competitive climate where anyone can Google your business from anywhere in the world 24/7, you need to give your target audience reasons to buy from you, and reviews are the most effective way to do that. For greater brand awareness, higher visibility in the search engines, and increased clicks and conversions consider hiring a professional review service today and increase your bottom line.

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