Why You should Opt for A Desert Safari and Dune Bashing in Dubai

Traveling is the hobby of adventurous people. Adventurous people want to discover more places for their uniqueness and thrill. Most people from different countries visit Dubai for its exceptional places. Dubai welcomed 16.9 million international visitors to enjoy and have fun and do adventures like Desert Safari with Dune Bashing.

This wholesome experience lasts a lifelong memory because it is one-of-a-kindthings. There is an extensive list of things you are going to enjoy on this desert safari dubai. Driving in the dune with camel rides makes an adventure to enjoy all of the stuff with sunrise and sunsets adds its beauty to attract more people towards it.

Extended Tour Overview | A Unique Experience

Desert Safari

If you visit Dubai, you must go for “dune bashing on a Desert Safari Dubai tour.”

It gives you an adventurous feeling you cannot get anywhere else by riding a four-wheeler jeep in the desert, including dune bashing, camel rides, and dinner in a bedouin-style camp that Many Dubai companies give an affordable trip to the “Safari desert” with significant allowances to make its visitors have more fun.

Dune Bashing

A bashing spot in the whole place gives you an unmatchable experience with the best dune bashing in your Dubai trip. The best activity to enjoy while driving a vehicle in desert sand with some high-power Quad bikes and Buggies.

People who used to take a ride of dune dashing experience driving at increasing and decreasing speed over dunes with irregular paths. The surface of the sand is sloped naturally, so it takes special skills to drive the four-wheeler car with great care to avoid accidents. Mostly an SUV is an extraordinary sports vehicle used to avoid jerks in dunes.


The adventure starts with a pickup from your place, following a luxurious ride into the desert. And then the most exciting part of the trip begins with “dune dashing.” A thrilling ride that lasts for an hour. An exceptional experience is required to drive into their kind of sand roads. An adventurous ride with screaming and shouting of people in joy because of the ride thrill they get.

Travel Costing

As Dubai is super concerned about its visitors, so they have rates controlled. It starts under 50 AED per person for a Safari desert ride, including 35 minutes of dune bashing camel ride, sandboarding, horse rides, and many more other enjoyable moments to get in.

Is safari desert traveling dangerous?

Most people thought that the desert journey would be full of difficulties. But probably not. Safari desert travel is full of adventure and safety. Unique designed cars travel in the desert with great noise and shouting of peoples with safety gears.

How much age is required to have for desert travel?

There is no age limit, but children above three years can have a thrilling journey through the safari desert. However, people suffering from heart diseases should not be prescribed to make such journeys due to their health issues.Dubai City Tour is the best option for these people.

What kind of cars are used in Dune dashing?

Unique luxurious SUVs travel in the sand for visitors to create thrill and enjoyment. The essential thing which people like in deserts to have a ride in the sand, which Dubai is providing effectively to its visitors.

The tourist can enjoy the safari in the desert with dune bashing, camel rides, henna painting with great fun experiences. Riders can enjoy beautiful sunrise-sunset experiences from stargazing, and camping adds charm to the journey, which is magic beyond the dunes.

What kind of clothes should you wear in the desert?

As we know that the temperature of Dubai is hot and even hotter in summers. You should wear shorts to feel effortless in summer, but at the same time, it might be uncomfortable while having dune bashing and camel rides. If you are going through such an activity, you must cover yourself not to let any dust or sand into your clothes from gathering.

How much time will it take to reach the safari Desert?

It takes almost 30 to 45 minutes to reach the final destination. However, roads are very smooth with no taller buildings and noisy areas, so you can easily get to your destination without any hurdle. Rest must be important in this adventure. You should lay down and take a rest to loosen up and stretch your body after a long ride.

Here are some great tips for enjoying your adventurous ride at Safari Desert

The magical experience starts with your desired hotel reach and takes your above-prescribed essentials to your journey. A 45 min long hour drive full of the landscape will bring you to the most adventurous place in the world.

Here comes the Safari desert full of sports cars, camel riding, and henna painting. You can enjoy the view even in summer with your excitement.

The most thrilling ride of the desert is “Dune dashing,” which will last for about an hour. You can enjoy a full-time sports race in the desert with your sports car, and thousands of people are there to enjoy such a beautiful journey. You can hear nothing but people shouting while traveling in dunes, and a lot of sand is there, in fact, everywhere. There are many popular spots for dune-dashing experiences in Dubai that are used to travel.

The Popular Spots Dunes in Dubai

You can hire the best spots for dune bashing according to your budget and taste.

Bidayer:  a super bid red and the most popular spot in Dubai for dune bashing. It is super easy and specially designed for less-skilled drivers, about 45 minutes from the center of Dubai.

Sweihan: A hard spot requires some technical experience and should have some big tunes. A good option for skilled people. If you don’t know what you are doing, then you should not go to Sweihan.

Liwa Desert: The most prominent place in Arabian places with some tricky places for dune bashing. Most of the festivals of dune dashings stands are organized there where professionals hang out with each other.


A one-day desert safari and dune bashing tour provide you with an opportunity for many other things as well. You can enjoy camel rides, quad-biking, horse riding, sandboarding, live entertainment, and food.

Some companies also have complimentary dinners for your convenience with a BBQ buffet while enjoying live entertainment performances like a belly dance show, fireworks, and Zumba dance. Almost every company has government-licensed tour operating companies offering the best benefits of choosing the right company to travel to.

Providing exceptional packages and high-quality services by Dubai’s companies has attracted most tourists to join there. Arranging customized events, special parties that you can desire to arrange along with your tour. All you have to do is give a chance to your desired particular company to provide a smile at every mile on your face.

Middle East Attraction- Safari Desert

Dubai is mainly known for its hospitality; that is why 16.9 million people visit Dubai every year. One of the most primary attractions of the Middle East can attract each individual; who wishes to travel to the UAE can have a tour with no doubts in mind. I recommend traveling to the safari desert to enjoy dune bashing and camel riding.

Most people visit places to experience adventure, and the safari desert is an adventure itself. Making your experience exciting with the extraordinary, shimmering sand of Dubai city will add more of its beauty. Gives you the best definition of tourism. The highest number of locations in the middle east. Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Al Ain, Sharjah, and Ajman are the best-known places to start your tour with.

Offerings and Packages

Offering surprise parties and packages of customer’s choice will make them love Dubai with its services.

Dubai’s traditional foods are famous among visitors, and complimentary services to get you enough energy to explore the sand and its parts like dune dashing camel riding, and henna painting. Belly dances include Zumba that attracts most of the tourists.

The enjoyable and thrilling deals tourists can take at very affordable prices give you a reason to love the safari desert.

Sharjah is the best-known place to offer great deals. I recommend Sharjah for the best deals and services to enjoy your tour in Dubai.

TakeAway Note

A win-win strategy for every tourist who is visiting and wishes to visit more in the city. You can expect beautiful scenery with camels and other animals with thrilling car drives and different food with entertainment only in one place. A place with alot of benefits to getting in. You must try a Safari desert trip once in your life.

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