Will AI Chatbots Revolutionize the Customer Experience in Law Firms?

We all know the growing importance of virtual assistants in every business for delivering a successful customer experience at lower costs & lesser efforts. Though Chatbots cannot be human, they surely can think, understand and respond to customers’ questions like humans do! One of the most preferred mediums for information exchange that users want today is text message after voice. With the advances in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, etc. the bots can learn from every interaction with the user to enhance their skills & tackle complex conversations.

Why AI Chatbots over Apps/Websites?

The emergence of chatbots and its adoption by many organizations is due to the Custom AI development solution, which eventually helps in customer engagement, lowering operating costs and boosting productivity. One industry that will be hugely impacted by the chatbots is law firms that have revolutionized the way they run and operate the businesses. Here are some of the reasons why integrating Chatbot will be more beneficial than using an app or a website.

No Download Required

There is no need to download anything for users to use a bot, unlike apps that need proper download and installation.

Easy Navigation to User’s Needs

Bots navigate customers through the required services via text whereas using websites or apps can confuse users where to click and which page to go.

Multi-Tasking Functionality

Chatbot serves multiple purposes such as data processing, scheduling, form filling and, alerts.

Top Ways How AI Chatbots Helps the Legal Industry

To gain a competitive advantage, most of the business owners have already started implementing chatbots in their organizations. Research by Business Insider states that 80% of businesses want to integrate chatbots to handle customer interactions by 2020. Automated conversations not only serve customers better but also help in cutting labor costs. Let’s take a glance at how AI Chatbots can help lawyers and legal firms offer better insights into many cases-

Faster Information Access

Lawyers in the legal industry deal with lots of information every day coming from different sources. It can become difficult to retrieve the right information among the data that is present in several forms like case studies, contact information of people, laws, and policies for different states, countries, and departments. An AI-enabled chatbot can be very helpful in such situations, as the Q&A interface of a bot can aid users with the information they need, thereby saving time and efforts.

Employees Management

Another department in the legal organization where chatbot proves to be perfect is administrative and HR tasks. Employees in the firm can use chatbot for many purposes such as leave application management, efficient onboarding process, and timely notifications, updates, reminders, etc. This will save the time of the employees so that they don’t hover around the HR department for minor issues.

Intranets Integration

The concept of integrating intranets with chatbot in the legal organizations will help in boosting internal communications among the users. This integration will not only enhance the adoption rate of intranet but also help users in finding any information related to the relevant case studies in the shortest time possible.

Great User Experience

As we are aware that lawyers go through a humongous amount of data daily, it is hard for them to go through every single source and past cases to access a single data. However, this task can become easy with the help of a chatbot. The Q&A functionality present in a bot will help in directing towards the right information by cutting down all the huge and irrelevant data. The lawyer can just ask any question to the chatbot via text or audio to get the exact data they are looking for.

Legal Advisor’s Role

Advancements in technologies like NLP can enhance the capability of a chatbot, as it can understand the human languages better and even detect longer phrases, complex terms, more synonyms, etc. Chatbot can take up the role of a legal advisor in the law industry to help potential clients/customers with more accurate legal advice and precise actions.

Closing Statement

AI-enabled Chatbots can be the most emerging trend in the law industry that holds the capability to transform the future of customer experience and business automation. As per the report by the law society, it was found that 40–50% growth in law firm’s efficiency was possible with the help of machine learning in chatbots. Bots will not replace human lawyers, but they will surely offer human-like interactions to enhance the customer experience. In the years to come, chatbot for law firms will be a wise choice, as it can free efficient lawyers from doing monotonous work and focus on solving critical situations with their valuable time. Even if the concept of using chatbot in legal firms is still in nascent stage, AI will enable lawyers to become more productive and decrease documentation/ report generation tasks in the future.

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