Yard Clean-up: Mistakes that Make Your Yard Look Messy

If you’re an owner of a house with a yard, performing regular maintenance on this part of your property represents both a matter of owner’s pride and of utility.

The thing is a messy yard with a bunch of empty beer cans from the last week’s party you threw, some rapidly growing plants you don’t know the origin of, as well as a shed that’s seen better days all can contribute to your yard looking like it was thoroughly carpet-bombed.

Luckily for anyone whose yard is in no good condition, all you need to do to revert your backyard to its former glory would be to perform regular maintenance as well as avoid some common mistakes people make concerning how they take care of their yards.

Here’s the deal.

Not Getting Rid of the Trash and De-cluttering the Premises

One of the biggest culprits for people’s premises not looking their best, so to speak, would be the endless stream of clutter that’s not taken care of.

Here’s the rub – while you can’t prevent some foreign object like a beer can or a plastic bag entering your yard now and again, you can get rid of these fairly easily, if you don’t allow the trash to pile. If you venture to take a couple of minutes every day to get rid of the trash, you won’t have to take a couple of hours every month to take care of a large pile of it. Of course, once the trash starts piling, it’s not just its physical size that’s a problem, but it’s the smells, too.

Another important step toward making your yard clean and shiny would be to de-clutter it.

If you only take a good hard look at your yard, you’ll surely find that some of the items are unnecessarily where they’re not supposed to be. So, when you identify these objects, what you want to do is gather them around and put them away somewhere where you won’t trip over them all the time and where they won’t be an eyesore.

Failing to Weed & Prune Regularly

Unless your yard is made entirely out of concrete, or you live on Antarctica, chances are – you’re going to see some brushes and plants growing all about the place willy-nilly. That goes for plants you intentionally planted and those you didn’t, so performing regular maintenance is an absolute must.

The thing is, as we all know from Jurassic Park – ‘life will find a way’, so if you don’t take care of your yard’s plant life regularly, it’s going to keep on growing until Kingdom come.

Not Having the Right Tools for the Job

While cleaning your yard and taking care of its flora isn’t necessarily the most complex task in the world, you still need some tools to do it easily and effectively.

For example, a couple of gardening gloves can come in handy when it comes to tackling nettle, pointy objects, dirty objects – you name it.

Then there are pruning tools, which you need to use to take care of overhanging branches and large bushes. Also, you will need a rake, a shovel, and perhaps a wheelbarrow to help you move all of these around. Of course, if you happen to be a proud owner of a couple of motorized tools such as an electric pruner or a leaf-blower, then even better.

Neglecting Your Shed

Your yard shed is an extension of your house, so you should treat it with as much care as you would put in taking care of your living room or pantry.

The thing is, a shabby shed will inevitably shed some light on an outsider looking in at exactly how bad the situation in your yard is, so before you do anything else, you may want to make your shed tidy and clean at all times. This would include tidying up the objects inside, taking care of the slate roofing construction, and perhaps considering giving it a new paint job.

All in all, if you avoid the mistakes from above, chances are – you’ll be in an excellent position to make your yard both as beautiful and as virile as ever. As long as you perform regular shed maintenance, prune and weed the plants, and throw out the trash before it piles up, you can rest assured your yard will look fresh and pretty every day.

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