10 New Technologies Set to Revolutionize Working from Home

From the internet to Virtual Reality headsets, we have seen many technologies come, stay and change society and our lives. The technological revolution never really stopped, and our lives are constantly adapting to this change.

This technological revolution has been the result of curiosity or the result of dire necessity. After all, necessity is the mother of all inventions. One such situation or necessity was the corona pandemic that has plagued mother earth for almost 2 years.

A lot of these technologies in this period of time have helped a lot of people who have been working from home. There are quite a few of them that were, however, helping to work from home before. Thus, let us look at 10 of these new technologies that revolutionized working from home.

1. 5G/Faster Internet Speeds

The Internet is actually old, and it is only recently that we have made it into it. Development and use of the Internet began decades ago. This became integral recently as people were working from home.

Many people from a lot of fields are working at their homes due to the pandemic, which means that a lot of data is being processed. This meant that the internet needed to be reliable, and it needed to be fast. The latest inclusion is the ‘5G’ internet speeds, which allow a lot of data to be transferred quickly.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has really become abundant in the last 5 years or so. One of the most popular AI has been automated AI. But the machine learning capabilities of AI have really helped people in working from home.

Automation and machine learning has helped a lot of people by easing the burden on them by doing their work. AI, Automation, and machine learning have helped companies, conglomerates, and other industries by easing their workload.

3. Portable & Accessible Connectivity

With increased internet speeds, a stable and portable internet connection was in a lot of demand. The feature that most people looked forward to was the ability to move around and work. Now whether you move around in your own house or in other countries, the Internet has thus become Portable.

portable internet connection

This portability is given to due to powerful routers, dongles, and even our phones which are now 5G capable. This also means that people will get the internet almost always, regardless of their remoteness from their actual office.

4. Internet of Things

With Portable, high speed and accessible Internet, almost all our gadgets can now be connected to one central hub. This is the power and magic of the internet of things. From smartwatches to your coffee, everything is now connected via the internet.

This means that people who are working at home need not spend a lot of time on menial tasks. The Internet of Things ensures that you are comfortable and everything is conveniently connected to your phone or laptop.

5. VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Networks are not exactly new. But its existence and further developments led to a lot of people utilizing VPNs. Besides adding an extra layer of security, VPN lets you work remotely from any location.

This is important for a lot of people who are traveling and working simultaneously. VPN allows people to access the internet from an entirely different continent and get searches meant for some other country.

6. Compact processors and servers

Back in the day, laptops were not compact and didn’t last hours. Home desktops were nowhere near compact and portable. This is a blessing for those who require computers with a lot of processing power and capabilities.

Nowadays, compact processing power has led to people having powerful processors with great portability and utility. People can now carry their laptops and even desktops with them without much hassle.

7. Cybersecurity

When you work in an office environment, you are provided a secure system and internet to work with. Traditional Internet and systems at home are not programmed to be safer than our office workstations.

With growing accessibility, privacy concerns and cybersecurity has become an important issue. A lot of routers, laptops, anti-viruses, and secure protocols help home desktops and workstations become a much more secure space.

This is an important and necessary technology that will make home browsing and working easy and safe.


8. Blockchain Technology and Supply chain management

Blockchain technology is literally changing the way the finance and service industry works.  Securing data is important, and blockchain technology helps in doing that. Transactions in cryptocurrencies and other industries demand the removal of insecure third-party involvement.

Blockchain technology is a B2B or B2C technology that removes the necessity of involving a third party. Due to this, there is increased transparency and protection of transactions.

Blockchain coupled with supply chain management is a great innovation and technology for many IT companies and businesses.

9. Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing shot to fame during this pandemic. However, it is a technology that was present before as well, but it has been further improved and presented as new technology.

Video Conferencing has allowed us to conduct meetings, meet and greet people and even play escape rooms online. But for people working from home, Video conferencing allowed people to work remotely.

10. Cloud Storage

The ease at which people can upload and store literally thousands of GB’s of data on their own private virtual drives helps people work seamlessly.

Cloud storage helps companies to store huge data as well. Edge computing is another great way to process, analyze and store data seamlessly online.


Technology cannot be stopped or slowed, it is inevitable, and you will ultimately face the need to use them. Some of them mentioned here are mainly for those who wish to work, and these 10 technologies are quite useful for revolutionizing the whole work from home culture.

Working from home is still a necessity, and technologies are still needed to help facilitate the smooth functioning and working of companies and their employees.

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