10 Tips to Create Logo Design for Digital Era

The most essential part of any brand is their logo. It is what represents them in the market and what the customers recognize them by. It is their most valuable intangible asset and needs to have all the key elements in order to be effective and widely accepted.

With many brands emerging in the market it is becoming difficult for logo Design Company to create unique logos every day. And as the markets expand and become global they need to compete on a global scale.  It needs to be ensured that the logo is differentiating the brand from its competitors.

Logos need to be engaging and create an image in the minds of the consumers. Therefore it becomes really important to have an extraordinary logo. Here are some tips to keep in mind while designing a logo

  1. Thorough Understanding Of Client’s Business

The logo design companies should have complete knowledge of the company’s work, their goals, personality and their target audience. Also, it is important to know about the logos of the competitive brands in order to create a distinctive logo. The logo should be able to convey the brand message and add to the image of the company.

  1. Simple And Clean Design

Having a simple and clean logo is known to have a greater impact on the business, as they are easy to understand and recognize. It is the latest trend in the digital era to create flat designs with minimalistic features. Logo design companies create logos that are clutter free and easy to imprint upon.

  1. Flexibility

There are many digital channels on which the logo can be used. Consumers are gaining access to a wide variety of digital touch points and channels. The logo should be flexible enough to be able to work and support on any type of channel

  1. Design For Mobile

Most of the brands know the importance of app in the modern business environment. Most people surf the internet on their mobile phones or tablets. The logo needs to be equated with the consumer’s mobile experience. There is a need for well defined mobile marketing brand strategy in order to conform to the same logo on all devices.

  1. Deliver A Message

The logo should not just be an image that the company gets identified by; it should also be able to convey a lifelong message to the consumers. If the logo is designed effectively enough there might not even be the need of a tagline. For example, the arrow in Amazon conveys the message that the company delivers everything from a to z and the smile represents happy customers.

  1. Strong Colours

Before deciding on the colour you will need to know how colours work in the minds of the people. Every colour also has the ability to convey a message. The colour used in the logo should be relevant to your brand message. For example, if you want to come off as an environment-friendly company, then green is the colour for you.

  1. Square And Scalable Image

Most social media platforms require the logo to be in square form. That is only when the whole image gets displayed. Otherwise, it might get cropped and lose visibility and impact. You might also need to increase and decrease the size of your image according to needs that is why it will need to be scalable too.

  1. Reconfiguration Should Be Possible

As the digital medium is becoming wider day by day so are its applications. You will need to have a logo with the ability to be deconstructed in order to suit the various platforms possible. For example, you might need to change the font or a colour in the logo to reconfigure it for a different medium.

  1. Font And Image Combination

The logo needs to be the combination of a font and an image. Individually neither of them are enough to convey a powerful message, together a lot of combinations can be tried to achieve the delivery of the brand message by the logo. People often even start correlating the brand to the font. You need to have an easily downloadable font and be able to use it on platforms like Word and PowerPoint.

  1. Scalability

Your brand is going to be displayed on a lot of marketing platforms, from the mobile phoned to billboards. It should be able to have the same impact from any type of visual representation. It should not look fragmented on bigger screens, or be indecipherable on small screens.

The logo is determined by a lot of factors and each everything needs to be weighed in. It needs a lot of creativity and innovation and is best left to logo design companies to work on it rather than a company wasting its time in such work and focus more on their core work.

Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on professional logo design, lifestyle design, branding firm, exhibition design etc.

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