10 Tips to Look Effortlessly Stylish

Life is hectic nowadays and mostly a rollercoaster; we know that. It gets hard to manage looking effortlessly stylish at all times, and not like you’ve spent hours putting together an outfit. There are certain men who look great at all times; Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra or Ryan Gosling. You might be thinking, “Well, they have personal stylists and deep pockets.” Well, don’t worry, because we have got your back and will help you create visual charisma without spending a ton of money.

Most of these effortlessly stylish men worked hard to make style a part of their identity. We all have our own signature style; let’s see how you can explore yours:

1. The Skill of Dressing Well

When you are first starting out on the journey of exploring your signature style, the number of options and information available might be daunting. As conflicting as this sounds, the more you explore and study the art of dressing well, the easier it will become for you. No one is born with this trait; they hone it over time. Learn about colors that go together, pattern matching, the lines between formal and casual, and it will all come naturally to you.

2. Your Lifestyle

Understanding what is classic and timeless is important, but you also need to consider your lifestyle and the kind of clothing that goes well with your day-to-day life. If you work at a warehouse, it’s pointless to stock up on 3-piece suits, but you could get some stylish boots you’d actually get some use out of.

It’s important to decipher why you want this style change. Is it because you want an edge at work, or it makes you feel good and is a personal statement, or is it a stepping stone on your path to self-improvement? Figuring this out would help define your personal style better.

3. The Perfect Fit

You could own the most expensive clothes in the world, but it is pointless if they don’t fit well. An incorrect fit could make you look heavier, taller, shorter, or thinner than you actually are, and the opportunity to look stylish immediately goes out the window.

4. Quality Clothing

Once you have your perfect fit figured out, get clothing of the finest quality you can afford. It’s better to have fewer pieces of clothing or shoes that would last you longer than having something that is poorly made and destined to fall apart within a year. Branded and designer clothing isn’t always of the nicest quality. Most of them simply cash on their brand names.

5. Versatile Clothing

When starting off your base wardrobe, stick with clothing that is neutral and versatile. Pick up clothing that you can pair with many outfits. A white button-down shirt or a navy blazer might seem boring but pairing them with other pieces of clothing turns them into bold style statements. Some neutral color choices are blue, navy, white, khaki, brown, and gray. These also add a masculine and refined touch to your wardrobe.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

When you start buying new clothing, you’re venturing out of your comfort zone. Wear the outfits around the house or while running short errands to get into the habit. When you eventually wear it to an event, they look like an extension of your identity and not an awkward mess.

7. Organize Your Closet

Your new outfits are useless if they are a wrinkled mess or nowhere to be found when you need to head out in a rush. Having a few articles of clothing always ironed and planning outfits beforehand would help you be on top of things.

8. Experiment

Once you have the basics sorted, don’t be scared to experiment with your outfits. Mix and match your outfits, keep experimenting with new styles till you fine-tune your style, and add your own personal flair to your outfits. In one of their articles, Forbes talks about different trends that are currently in fashion for men and how you can pull them off.

9. Stay Open-Minded

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to style. We all have our own unique style that is a part of our identity, and that evolves over the years. Follow people whose style you respect. You could gain insight on outfit combinations you’d never have considered in your wildest dreams but ones that would look amazing on you. Read articles on the current trends that are in fashion and stay up to date.

10. Have Fun!

At the end of the day, it is just clothing. It undoubtedly makes a difference in our day-to-day lives, but there is no fun in taking it seriously. Making mistakes is normal; we have all done so at some point. Again, no one is born stylish. If you make a mistake, it is not the end of the world; the fashion police will not throw you in jail. Laugh it off and try again the next day till you perfect the art of being effortlessly stylish. Persistence and exploration are key!

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