4 Most Popular Birthday Cake Varieties in India

The birthday is the celebration of the day which made one a part of this world, which gave one an identity. Thus, this special day calls for a special celebration. If you want to tell any of your connection that you love them, the occasion is perfect to do so and you can send online birthday cake for them and let it pour loads of sweetness into your relation.

But if you are ignorant to the like and unlike of the person, we are here with the four most popular birthday cake varieties in India which will mentor you in the selection.

1. Chocolate cakes

whenever we toll on some birthday cake, chocolate cakes emerge as the unbeatable one. Extremely popular amongst both kids and adults, these chocolate cakes have slipped into everyone’s fantasies. A decent population of India is totally enchanted by its lavish taste. At IndianGiftsAdda, you can find the best chocolate cakes in India. the difference in the kinds of chocolate cakes is due to the cocoa used in the cakes
The enticing chocolate toppings on the cake is enough to blow one’s mind.

2. Vanilla cake

Vanilla cakes do not stand back when it comes to birthday cakes. Instead, they compete with the chocolate for the top spot on the list of the most liked birthday cakes. These cakes have un-challenging recipe yet an amazing taste. Many people consider vanilla cakes to be boring but a lot of people in India are madly in love with these vanilla flavored cakes.

3. Pineapple cakes

Pineapple cakes!! These are like, “no one can refuse me.” These are often served in parties and celebrations as they taste very good and are quite pocket-friendly. Pineapple fresh cakes give you a yum feeling when some real pineapple is placed inside the cake. You can cherish your loved ones with these delectable pineapple cakes that you find in superabundant designs on our website. You can send the cakes with a special arrangement of midnight fruit cake delivery online to make it astounding.

4. Black forest cakes

You can find chocolate cakes to be too heavy and too sweet for your taste buds? Go for these delicious cakes which combine the layers of chocolate held together by the whipped cream. Red cherries embellished on the top of the cake make it irresistible for the cake lovers.

Cakes are the showstopper of any birthday celebration. So buy fresh cakes from IndianGiftsAdda which not only provides you assured quality but also the variety. You can send photo cakes in India, different flavored cakes, designer cakes, tier cakes etc. and also heart shape cakes for birthday. We also have a plethora of other birthday gift items like soft toys for birthday, flowers for birthday etc.

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