These 5 Apps Before Your Next Road Trip

Whether it be Spring break, Summer break, or a long weekend, what runs through the minds of many is a good ole’ fashioned road trip. Unlike other travels, a road trip isn’t always about reaching the destination, but it’s about the journey and the spectacular sights standing between you and your destination.

With any road trip comes many responsibilities to ensure the journey unfolds smoothly. To help you prepare for the best, here are five very useful mobile apps that you should download before your next road trip.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps has been in the game for some time now. In fact, it comes installed as a default app in most smartphones. But, many people are yet to understand the many benefits the app can bring other than sharing of locations with friends. First and the most common, the app is known for its accuracy when it comes to giving both the driving and walking directions. Through this option, the app allows a user to create a precise map of his or her travel route and thus preventing the direction troubles that may arise from visiting new places. This ensures that you never get lost during the journey.

Also, Google Maps is the best when it comes to planning your trip. By clicking on your destination in the map, the app gives you the distance between as well the approximated travel time. We both know that closing from your city to a new city can be a mess also, mainly because of the traffic. Google Maps is very helpful in providing info on which roads to avoid due to road congestions and thus saving you the agony and time. One fantastic thing about the app is the ability to receive verbal instructions, as well as, provide driving directions verbally. This option ensures that the driver concentrates on the road and thus preventing accidents. It’s usually fancy for even truck drivers because they no longer have to start holding their devices to input a route.

2. GasBuddy

As the name implies, GasBuddy is designed for road users to help with saving money during fuelling. It’s a mapping app. But, as opposed to Google Maps, this app is dedicated to giving a driver some info about the fuelling stations along the road and their prices. Of course, you understand how traveling through a new route can be frustrating. The frustration is because you’re never certain if your fuel can take you to the next fuel station after the low-fuel indicator lights. The app helps in taking away the worries that arise.

The sad part during a trip is realizing that the next fuel station sells gas cheaper, and that’s after you’ve already filled your tank. That’s where GasBuddy comes through to ensure that you get gas for the best prices all through the trip. Also, the app gives one info about the amenities available at the various stops. This option helps one to organize his or her trip schedule, and that knows where to stop for a meal, restroom, and even lodging. Besides, the app provides market analysis on gas and price predictions. This alerts helps you know when it’s best to buy gas and thus saving your budget.

3. ParkMobile

Sometimes, securing parking can be a misery especially in a new city. ParkMobile is a free app that enables a user to acquire and pay for on-street parking. Currently, the app has over 10 million spots and even garages within the country and hence suitable for even long-distance trips. One fantastic thing about the app is that it allows a user to park his or her ride smartly because it offers over seven payment options. This feature saves one the agony that arises when a single option fails.

Besides being able to find parking easier, there is the ParkMobile Wallet that enables one to pre-load funds into the app. Also, the app allows for one to automatically end parking sessions. This particular option helps in budgeting for the parking during the trips as you can always operate at your desired cost.


Many platforms refer to WAZE as the witter’ of the streets. The app is known for providing real-time info about the set route. We both know that visiting a new city can be hectic especially when you aren’t sure of the streets. But, WAZE lets drivers on the road share real-time info of what’s happening along the road. We’ve both in a situation where at one minute the traffic is ok and in the next, it’s a mess, maybe because of an accident.

The app lets you know what is ahead and hence saving you the time because you can always take an alternative route before it’s too late. Also, many of the available apps don’t give info about constructions taking place along the road, and we both know that they can slow the traffic. However, through WAZE you can understand what’s going on before starting your car and thus have sufficient time to plan for your trip.

5. Audible

In many cases, you’re not alone on those road trips. Maybe it’s a family affair, or you have your crazy friends along. Either of which, not everyone appears to enjoy the beautiful views. However, this doesn’t mean that the few and bored should be ignored. One should ensure that they get to enjoy the whole trip in the best way possible.

Audible is one of the few apps suitable for book lovers and which can make those bored enjoy the whole trip. The application offers the best way to pass the time even on those road trips. It provides a wide array of good audio books and hence suitable for those in the tour who would prefer to catch up on their reading list. Besides, the app has many travel writings that can get one in the mood for the journey and thus a must-have.


A road trip is known to be one of the best way to strengthen the bond with the family members or friends on-board. Also, the journey provides one with an opportunity to view a lot of beautiful sceneries that stands in-between the two destinations. However, we both know that preparing for a road trip requires a lot of effort as compared to taking a flight. Therefore, in this article, we’ve provided you with the top five mobile apps that can make the whole journey fun and easy. Happy cruising!

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