5 Ways to Maintain the Air Conditioning Unit During Home Remodeling

A home remodeling takes a lot of planning, effort and time. There is a lot of excitements and anxiety. Home remodeling includes a lot of activities like structural carpentry, fine carpentry, demolition of a certain part of the walls, installation of new doors and windows, interior decoration, powder finishing, wiring and plumbing jobs. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the house. When you go for air conditioning installation, you should also check the space that is available. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit should be categorically installed for an easy maintenance. Also, you need to check the vent from which warm air will go out.

Repairing the Air Conditioning System can be Costly So Regular Maintenance Helps

Repairing the air conditioning during home up gradation can be a costly affair and a headache. Take preventive measures to avert the mess created by home remodeling. Even before the onset of the home remodeling follow the crucial tips stated below. The 5 easy tips will help you to maintain air conditioning from dust, dirt, extraneous particles that can damage the motors, cooling coils and the air ducts.

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Tips to Maintain Air Conditioning During Renovation:

  • Have a Plan: Much ahead of home up gradation, prepare a separate plan for your air conditioning and similar types of devices. You don’t want any blockage or scratch on your machine. It is better to chalk out a plan rather than being sorry. You can ask the people to avoid sanding, grinding or cutting in the particular room or work at a distance from the machine.
  • Cover up the Vents: The dust, particles in the air can form a thick film on the vents. This can result in obstruction or severely damage your machine. If you want to run the cooling or heating device, make sure the vents are opened for air flow without any hindrance. Sometimes there is too much cockroach and other insect infestation in the vents so you need to clean them up to allow fresh air. Also, if you have been long out of home, then when you come back, you need to clean up the vents first.
  • Keep the Filters Clean:  During the entire renovation work, don’t forget to clean the filters. If you are wondering why it is important, the answer is simple. Sometimes the dust is not visible to naked eyes. It is better to clean the filters in all situations to avoid continuous dust accumulation; this can also pose a threat to your health. The filters should be cleaned after every six months, and professional cleaning solutions, and non-chemical agents are best suited for this purpose.
  • Regular Maintenance: The Air Conditioner will require regular cleaning and maintenance during the renovations. Dust can settle anytime, suppose there is a repair and demolition work in the next room. The deposits or pollutants from the debris can settle in the air ducts, so the ducts can get clogged. This in turn can compromise the efficiency of the cooling device.
  • Pay Heed to Dust Control: If you find it difficult to clean the cooling machine every day, it is advisable to completely pack the air conditioner without keeping any loophole, till the entire remodeling work is over. You may ask the contractor to cover all the rooms in use with plastic sheets to control the dust.

Finally, follow these tips to secure your air conditioning during house remodeling. Once the renovation is complete, make sure you take professional help to check the motors, ducts and inner coils of the machine. So that your air conditioning functions, like before.

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