7 Ways to Make Your at Home Working Space Better

As more and more people start to work from home, it’s only normal for people to start looking for ways to improve and upgrade their current working space.

But having a home office is more about improving it in smart ways, rather than putting money into meaningless tech. So, let’s go over a few ways you can make your home office the space that you deserve.

Ambient music shouldn’t be underestimated

Putting some nice speakers in your office space is a great way to create an atmosphere that helps you concentrate, sets the right mood, and overall put you in grind mode.

But it’s extremely important how you play music in your office.

Instead of blasting the speakers on full, listening to a heavy metal playlist off of Spotify, focus on positioning the speakers in a way that the audio isn’t overwhelming the atmosphere. Aim for the sound to have an ambient feel.

And don’t just play anything. Instead, put on a low-fi playlist that can help you with focusing on what you’re currently working on.

Always have something to jot down ideas

If you do your job properly, your office space should be the place where you’re coming up with great ideas all the time.

And if you’re a prolific creator, then you’d want to always have something at hand to jot down things. So, invest in a whiteboard or a lot of sticky notes that you can easily grab and write down every idea you have.

Invest in some greenery

But being stuck all day at home can often feel very overwhelming. Especially after spending weeks working from home, you can start feeling a bit down.

It’s proven that placing some nice greenery in your home can make you feel better. Not only that but plants produce fresh air that can help you with feeling better even after spending a lot of time indoors.

And, just to make it even more earthly in there, consider installing a small fountain in there. Choosing between the top indoor water features shouldn’t be super hard, and by introducing some water too, you’ll be on the way to build a true serenity spot in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t forget about the ergonomics

Now here’s a place where you shouldn’t figure out ways to save money and be skint on. Investing in improving the ergonomics of your office chair, desk, and the tech you’re using should be a priority.

While it isn’t that much you can do, every small ergonomic improvement has a huge effect on your life quality, comfort, and overall how much work you can do.

Invest in proper lighting

Just like music, proper light can help with properly setting the mood. Invest in both normal and ambient lighting, placing the latter as an accent color.

Also, consider putting LED strips behind your desk to boost up your productivity. It’s proven that colors have the ability to help you calm down, focus, and overall soothe you.

Keep it tidy

While being creative can result in you being messy sometimes, you should always keep your space free of any clutter.

This is important because clutter can distract and overall make you feel like you’re slacking. So, the easiest way to keep everything tidy and keep yourself concentrated is to create a system to tidy up every day.

Put some color in there

And don’t forget to do everything in a color scheme that suits you. Choosing the right colors can overall help with setting the right vibe in your home office.

Or, maybe you like things a bit more minimalistic. That’s when opting out for plain white is a great choice. You can in fact introduce color with posters and decoration.

Don’t forget to place some distractions

It might be a bit counter intuitive but putting some distractions in your home office can actually help your with being more productive.

See, the thing is, working from home can actually smear the borders between “me” time and work. And this can start piling up with time leading to stress and overall you feeling unmotivated.

So, make sure you invest in making your workspace a bit more fun. Maybe add a gaming console, or some easy to use games. In the long term, this can tremendously help with productivity and overall mental health being.

Overall, you have to be really thoughtful about the way you improve your at-home office space. Start investing with ergonomics and things that can immediately improve the way you feel when you’re working from home.

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