7 Brain Exercise to Improve & Boost Your Memory

Your brain health is very important. Your mind is your tool in making decisions for yourself and for your future. The importance of boosting your memory is as important as maintaining your physical health. As you grow old, you will notice how your retention span and your ability to recognize information also change. This is why you should also make it a priority to improve your memory. If you want to boost your brain power, here are some brain exercises that you can consider:

Let the music play

There are researches that have proven the importance of music to the development of the human brain. It was also found out that a baby inside the mother’s womb can become more intelligent when the mom listens to classical music. There are also people who can review their lessons better while listening to music. This is also the case when you are an adult who is listening to music. It makes the brain explore and it also increases creativity. If you ever feel tired of doing the tasks you need to accomplish at work, you can consider listening to music and you will surely find yourself becoming more creative and productive. 

Repeat what people say in your mind

Another great exercise that you can do is to try to repeat the exact words of the people you had conversations with in your mind. By doing this, you are strengthening your ability to retain information. This is also perfect for people who are already questioning their ability to remember things. Even if we do not like it, there will come a time in our lifetime when remembering conversations become a difficult thing to do. This should not happen to you. If you want to take care of your brain, you should consider exercising. 

Create a memory palace

This is one of the ancient methods that can be used to increase your brain power. This is being used by the Romans and Greeks before. All you need to do is to build a memory about a certain place. Try to picture a map that defines a place, a building or any destination that you have been before. Try to picture the way in your mind. Do this regularly and you will be amazed with how you become better with your memory as time passes by. Start with a simple map and choose a more complicated memory after that. 

Brain training games

There are different games that can enhance the way you think. Puzzles are the most common ones. Whenever you are taking a break, you can spend the time doing some brain training games. There are puzzles can only take you fifteen minutes to solve. There are also those that involve problem solving and you can solve it for few hours. These games are available in different levels. You can start with the easiest and advance to more complicated games whenever your mind has already got used to what you are doing. You can also choose from different choices. 

Create word pictures

Word pictures are the most common examples of an activity that can improve your memory. There are even online apps that feature this game. You can do this either way. Think of a word and picture it in your brain. You can get the help of a dictionary for this one. Open it in a random page and picture the first word that you will read. Do this every day while you are taking your break and you will not only increase your memory but will also be able to learn more words and their meaning. You can also do this the other way. There is a game that shows several pictures with a single common denominator and you will be guessing the word that binds all it. 

The power of food

Aside from the best superfood supplement, there are other foods that are scientifically proven to be helpful in memory. There are people who can review better while eating chocolates. It has been tested that black chocolate has a good effect to the brain. It makes a person think better and it also helps in delaying memory gap. Aside from this, nuts can also be a great help to keep your brain healthy. But most of all, you should eat healthy and natural food daily. This way, you will be able to increase your body resistance and even develop your mind. A person who is physically healthy also has a powerful mind.

Happiness is the key

What you feel can affect how you think. A person who is constantly depressed and stressed cannot think healthily. This is why your feelings matter when it comes to your memory. If you are always happy, you will see your mind also develops. You can think better and you can make better decisions. This is something that you can always verify with yourself.

The mind is connected to your physical and emotional health. Whatever improvement you put on these two areas, your mind will also be able to get it. This is why it is very important for you to make a decision to take care of yourself holistically. There are different acts that can affect your brain negatively. This includes drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking. You need to get away from these habits. You should also get enough sleep.

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