7 Ways to Keep Your Natural Nail Game Strong

Your nails are one of the most prized possessions of your body and keeping your nails healthy and glowing to accentuate your overall appealing presence is a must. Today, a number of amazing nail art antics are making rounds in the fashion world. From decorating your nails using the amazing nail art to opting for the most recent SNS nail system, keeping your nails happy and beautiful has become a trend. But do you know before opting for these trends, you must make sure to keep your nails healthy enough?

Following are the seven ways using which you can keep your natural nail game strong as ever.

  1. Nourish naturally:

You must keep your nails nourished on a timely basis in order to keep them healthy and soft. Frequent exposure of the nails to the water and outside elements tend to make your nails lose their glow and hence your nails become pale and under-nourished. To avoid this, you must make sure to keep your nails supple and nourished. Use a hand lotion of a good brand and apply it timely in order to keep your nails hydrated and nourished.

  1. Use garlic:

Do you know garlic can heal your nails and keep them soft and supple naturally? You can prepare your own concoction to keep your nails in the healthiest of state by using garlic. The process is simple – just try rubbing a few garlic cloves on to the beds of your nails on a weekly basis. Another hack, you can also add minced garlic bits to your base coat of polish and can nourish your nails using this regular ingredient. 

  1. Care for your cuticles:

Pushing your cuticles or over-snipping them can do a great loss to the overall health of your nails. Cuticles always help to save your nails from all kinds of outside dirt and bacteria. Thus, you must make sure to take a proper care of your cuticles before you take care of your nails. Simply exfoliate your cuticle using a cuticle oil on a timely basis and you are good to go.

  1. Diet is important:

Your daily diet has a huge impact in the overall health, appearance as well as well-being of your nails. Start consuming protein-rich food items into your daily diet in order to promote strong and healthy nails. Consume the food items such as eggs, fish, nuts and various other vitamins and proteins to keep the overall health of your nails intact.

  1. Wear gloves while washing:

This is one of the most important tips that you must remember while taking good care of your nails. If you are in constant touch with dishwashing, you must remember to make the use of gloves while handling the dishwashing of any kind. A lot of exposure of your nails to water make them weak. Thus, you must not forget to wear a pair of gloves before doing this chore.

  1. Ditch the nail-paint and nail-art for a while:

Your nail polish comprises of a number of chemicals, the regular use of which could harm your nails and make them look paler. Moreover, you lose the natural glow and shine of your nails if you keep applying the nail-paint and nail-art on a regular basis. To help your nails retain the natural glow, dare to go bare for a while. Let your nails breathe and keep them as natural as you can in terms of their overall appearance.

  1. A regular session of a manicure:

A regular session of a manicure does no harm to your nails. Your nail care routine should always be regular and you must not set back to follow the same. The total nail care such as shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming as well as nail treatment should be done on a weekly basis. Make the use of good quality product while taking care of your nails. If you are not so keen on visiting a salon, you can groom your nails at your home by using some high quality products and easy techniques.

Taking a good care of your nails doesn’t cost you anything. It’s the time to follow these easy steps to keep your nails healthy and happy naturally.

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