8 Amazing Cities of US That will Give You Major Travel Goals!

Whether you are a voracious traveler who likes to be on the off-beaten tracks or you are the one who loves to hit the most popular tourist spots, you have to admit that the United States is packed with many amazing places that are a MUST visit if you are in the country.

From coastlines to big cities to the gigantic edifices, U.S is filled with many amazing things to relish. Featuring some of the world-class cities, some popular for glamour, while other known in history, it’s a country that will give you major travel goals.

If you are planning your next trip to the US, these following cities should be in your bucket-list:


Colorado is a western US state packed with a diverse landscape, arid desert, snow-covered mountains, river canyons, and many other amazing places. Rich in wild west stories and popular for its outdoor activities, the place hosts many amazing things. You can witness red stone formations, Red Rock, enjoy live music there and hear sole-soothing concerts. There are strawberry parks, great sand dunes, rocky mountain national park, and many amazing places. Colorado also features some of the best hiking spots for trail lovers.



Texas is situated at the south side of US featuring pine forests, amazing desserts, and a river, which starts at the periphery of the place. It’s gigantic, iconic and one of the magnificent places of the U.S. You can enjoy posing while floating in the river or can make to the beloved water parks of the place like the New Braunfels water park and Great Wolf water park. Make sure to do pre-booking or look for the best ways to find groupon great wolf lodge deals.  Further, you can roam to the Fort Worth Stockyard, enjoy amazing drinks in the bar and do many more things.


Want to witness Mother Nature, head to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and witness! one mile deep and 277 miles long, it’s one of the most popular tracks of the place. Be there and watch the sunrise, enjoy the float trip, fly over the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, take a ride in the Bruce Canyon and more, the choice is yours.


Witness the amazing Everglades of Florida, the landscape of Sawgrass prairies and other beautiful things in Florida. The place is also home to exotic wildlife, great egrets, pig frogs, dolphins, sea turtles and roseate spoonbills, and many amazing wildlife species.

New York:

Who can forget the amazing, gigantic and breathtaking Statue of Liberty! Standing 150 feet tall, at the New York Harbor’s entrances, this copper statue is something you shouldn’t miss. Head to the place in the Statue Cruises, which is an official ferry and climb up to the town.


Awesomeness can never end at this place! Whether it’s refueling yourself with the cheesteak or running like a Rocky or touring to the Independence Hall or wandering in the Boathouse Row or witnessing the history in the amazing museums, etc., the list of amazingness can never end in the place. You can witness the Liberty Bell, snap with the Rocky Statue and do lots of amazing stuff in Florida.

Anaheim, California:

Anaheim is a city of Orange County and is a part of Los Angeles popular for being the home of Disneyland Resort. You can enjoy the Swing It Trapeze, catch the Angels Baseball Game with your family or can relish the Instagram-worthy foo at Anaheim Packing House to delight your senses.

Las Vegas:

The sparkling neon lights, the famous casinos and the ride at the gondola, Vegas will bring your travel mood to the party mood. Witness Bellagio Casino and Fountains, Hoover Dam Tours and get into the Neon Museum to enjoy flashing bulbs and hundreds of colorful lights when in the city. Also, the place is filled with mouth-watering and tempting dishes that you can savor whenever you feel the need to refuel yourself.

So, Here Complete’s The List! Pack Your Bags And Head Straight To The US; The Fun Awaits!

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