The Age of Internet; Blessing or a Curse

I wouldn’t be too far off in saying that I’m sitting here, writing this all because of the great power of Internet and my words, no matter how insignificant, can reach billions of people around the world  through the mighty Internet. It has changed the way we thought life to be, changed the way we existed, formed relationships, performed our jobs, it has caused a major shift in how we used to see things on a cellular level; considering medical tech is extending its reach to such miraculous levels that it is changing the very genetics of us and none of that would have happened without the Internet playing an integral part. From Artificial Intelligence to Nano Technology and from Virtual reality to Augmented Reality, we see our lives evolving rapidly and can thus expect to see amazing discoveries that are primarily fueled by Internet and Networking.

Closing Distances

There are lesser borders and boundaries than there were before, whether it be between nations, races, casts or religions. Internet has made it possible by creating such platforms where people can exist in harmony, globally. From information and knowledge to the basic needs like entertainment, Internet is creating waves that we all are touched by.

Through the ease of connectivity, we can be far closer to our loved ones since many of us are separated from family for various reasons. You can video chat with any of your colleagues on different levels within a building, while including them in a simultaneously happening video conference with a prospective buyer or seller. Getting a call from home to see your child take their very first steps to being a part of a family wedding overseas are all such great possibilities that Internet has brought to us. The whole world has become limited to a few clicks and a Wi-Fi connection. We take our relationships and our businesses with us everywhere and have the flexibility of never missing out on all that life offers just because of the everyday rapidness.

Easy Access to Information

This is the age of knowledge, learning and information sharing which basically means that most questions get answered and more power to the people. With a search engine as powerful as Google, you can acquire an interpretation for all of your queries. With YouTube, you can find helpful videos and even tutorials, learn whatever you want to, and get guided help for academics as well as professional questions and problems. You have the freedom of speech and expression, you can like or dislike or have simply have a neutral opinion about anything and have the leverage of actually sharing it with the rest of the global community. Yes there will be haters and trouble makers too but that simply comes with the package. ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’ sort of a thing and what we individually need to do is, take care of our side when connecting to the world.

Diminishing Gender Gap

Internet has diminished the age and gender barriers. The traditional so called male oriented society doesn’t exist anymore due to the influx of Information Technology. The leverage that networking and sharing has given us is immeasurable and absolute. From being a part of a social platform for raising awareness to finding love and getting rid of unjust social pressures, internet is speaking volumes and we are all ears. You can learn and get educated through educational programs and sites like Khan Academy. The stereotypical ways that dictated the flow of knowledge to only the rich or people living near cities is long gone because of Internet. We now have free digital libraries, articles, videos and discussion forums that are changing lives forever. It is like an unseen intricately placed web that is connecting us all together, giving us a chance to be better than our ancestors.

Helping Businesses Grow

Most companies are interested in investing in online marketing for promoting their business and for creating more awareness for their name. The old ways included a lot of man power which meant greater responsibility and risks. Now there are companies that do your branding for you. The need to invest in a physical presence to run any work is no longer a dilemma. This has created more opportunities for people to become self-reliant and to own their own businesses. There is greater access to more people and that includes the passage to global markets as well. The downside to this is that securing one’s livelihood from online hackers and prowlers requires proper maintenance through firewalls and protection programs. It isn’t too easy to identify and then get rid of manipulation. From cyber terrorism to online sexual abuse, you need to vigilantly aware of who you are dealing with. Cyberspace doesn’t have any strong check and balance systems so if a demented soul decides on pursuing and damaging you, they might actually have a great chance at doing so and succeeding too.

Age of IoT

One great and in my opinion, an innovative and much admired gift of our era is the Internet of Things or as commonly called, IoT. To make it easier, it simply means that you have a smarter everything, like literally everything. Your home security systems, weather radars and sensors, personal security gadgets, smartphones, laptops and all those little sensors dealing with heat, light and health are now connected and can work in collaboration. This gives the ease of watching over your home while being away and taking care that your loved ones are safe and sound.

Virtual Storage Spaces

We have storage capacities in terms of cloud space and cloud computing has created a big storage unit for your devices to utilize in case the available space on your phone or computer has reached its limits. All your data is backed up on drives like the one Google has provided all its android and chrome users, making sure that nothing of importance is ever lost or erased. Even tracking of your devices is now made easy because of the location access and all that, only due to Internet.

We cannot deny the pleasures of it but we can neither deny the few questions that come to all our minds, like the feeling that we’re too connected online but are losing the real touch in everything. So, food for thought, everything ever invented, since the birth of human civilization has served its purpose whenever the need for its creation was absolutely crystal clear to us. Internet is an ultimate reality that we cannot sway away from because we’ve integrated and created our lives around it. We only need to be aware of why we did any of that in the first place.

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