Why Air Quality Monitoring is Necessary?

All living creatures on earth depend on air to live. Everyone knows this basic fact, but do we ever realize how much importance we actually pay to it? Normally, going about our everyday life, we don’t stop to think that it is the air that we are breathing. Yeah so? Its air, we’re supposed to breathe it, everyone does. It is the same air which is polluted by the emissions from our factories, transport facilities, nuclear plants, food processes and almost everything which makes our lives comfortable today. It is the same polluted air which goes inside through the nose, windpipe and then to the lungs.

God made our lungs for us to be able to live, not as a storehouse of dust and other harmful particles. And since we go against this wish of Nature herself, she has a firm way of retaliation.

4.2 million people die due to air pollution every single year, which is like the entire population of New Zealand.

If you think that it can cause death, once and for all, wait right there. Air pollution has the capacity of annoying you every day with coughing, itchy eyes, and breathing difficulties. In this age of globalization and industrialization, no one is safe from the hazards of air pollution. The difference is only marked in the location and the weather. Persons working in fields near busy roadways, related to transport, wood-burning activities, brick, and lime kilns, gas stations and chemicals are the most dangerously exposed to air hazards. But this does not mean that the air in your corporate offices and even your homes are safe to breathe in. Yes, not even your homes are safe.

How do I know if the air I breathe in is clean or not?

As the problem of air pollution is on the rise, it is very essential to know if the air you are breathing in is safe for you or not. The most practical and obvious solution to this is to measure the number of pollutants present in the air around you. Measuring air? Air monitoring is an exercise, by which you can check and measure the pollution level in your surroundings. It is extremely crucial to monitor the air you inhale because it can help you prevent a humongous number of diseases and problems before they can get to you and damage your respiratory system.

What are the benefits of air monitoring?

1. When you constantly monitor the quality of air, you can actively assess its composition and effect on you and your family’s health. It helps you understand the problems lurking around inside your cozy place.

2. Air monitoring brings to light to harmful particles present in the air and presses upon you the importance of an air purifier. An air purifier further filters and cleans the air inside your house and office, making it less risky for you to inhale it.

3. Identification of the sources from which the hazardous elements are being released can be identified, and you can reduce and optimize their usage to increase the purity of the air.

Air Monitoring at home and in offices

While it may seem tempting to regard air pollution as an outdoor problem, which most people have been doing since the very term came into existence, you will be shocked to know that many homes and offices have a considerably higher level of pollution inside their four walls compared to the levels outside, for the simple reason of poor ventilation.

An internal air monitoring system or an IAQ monitor will help you determine the level of pollutants indoors. Particulate matter (PM 2.5) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) make up for the most common dangerous elements found in our homes which lead to irritation in your respiratory system and your eyes. The best internal air monitors are Awair Glow C and Airthings Wave Plus.

All those who thought to barricade yourself inside your house will help you prevent air pollution hazards; maybe it’s time to give up your ideas completely.

Air monitoring in industries

It’s is a no brainer that people who work in factories and who reside in areas near them are more perilously exposed to the hazards of air pollution because of the gases and emissions released by the machines. The pollutants released from factories make up for a major part of air pollution all around the world, which brings us to the thought that controlling gas waste from industries is not only beneficial for the workers but also for the society and as a whole.

Since control of dangerous releases from factories is essential, it can only be done if we know how much of which element makes up the air in the factory. Air monitoring systems have to be placed here to determine exactly what needs to be controlled.

The usage of a monitoring system will reduce the human health effects of industrial air pollution and considerably reduce the risks on our environment also.

The final word

Air pollution exposure is becoming worse day by day especially in metropolitan cities which have industries, transport and all kinds of high-tech appliances. The remnants of their activities are causing a global phenomenon that will leave our beautiful earth a barren piece of land – its climate change. Air pollution is undoubtedly one of the factors of this catastrophe.

So, air monitoring has an important place today, to help reduce risks to human lives, to the society, to our ecosystems and most importantly our planet. It’s time we change our ways and pay heed to the cry of nature.

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