Amazing Wall Hanging Ideas- Why Not Go With 3D Printed Pallets?

Printed pellets can be an amazing way to decorate your walls as they can be fashioned in so many different ways. Thankfully, nowadays it is possible to get pellets 3D printed in any size or color that you like without having to wait for stuff to be delivered to you in a wooden pallet.

You can simply let your creativity go wild with 3D printed pallets because these can be customized in different shapes, sizes and colors to go with whatever theme you have decided for your walls. Let’s look at 9 eye-catching yet simple wall hanging ideas that you can make using 3D printing pallets.

  1. Name board

A 3D printed pallet can be customized to be printed with your name on it. This is a great way to personalize your space and even mark your territory if you share your room with a sibling or roommate. You can request the 3d printing service for your pallet to be customized to feature your name vertically or horizontally depending on the wall space available.

  1. Message board

This is similar to a name board but gives you space to write a more detailed message or just a plain old ‘Home is where the heart is’ message. The advantage of going for 3D printing is that you can create a lot of different artistic effects that 3D printing does very easily, like embossing, engraving and any other form of lettering.

  1. Statement wall clock

Customized 3D printed pallets can be shaped in the form of a wall clock. Because 3D printing is so convenient and flexible, you can virtually have your pellet clock designed in any shape. Simply send your requirements and the pallet material to your printing company and they will produce the perfect statement wall clock to go with the décor of your room.

  1. Pallet hanging planter

Pallet hanging planter

A great way to reuse a 3D printed pallet is to fashion it into a planter. You can easily do this by arranging three pallet planks vertically and fixing them on a base. Each panel can be used to screw in a plastic planter or glass jar which you can use as a pot to grow small herbs. This would make an excellent wall decoration for the kitchen or in a small gardening space.

  1. Shelving

Why not make some practical use of a 3D printed pallet while also making it look attractive? You can simply ask the printing company to design your customized pallet into a shelf. One panel can be designed into a mount that you screw into the wall while another one can be fixed as the primary shelf for placing decorative objects, books or picture frames.

  1. Nautical theme wall hanging

Nautical and marine symbols are quite popular with a lot of people, especially those who long for a beach vacation. By pasting a plastic anchor, giant shells or any other piece of nautical equipment onto your 3D printed pallet you can change it into a fancy wall hanging. That should be enough motivation for you to take that long due cruise next year.

  1. Key stands

You can make a cute little wall hanging by ordering a 3D printed pallet with hooks added in. Any good 3D printer can do the job but it is better to approach a professional who can create the best design for stability. This can be hung on the wall next to your main entrance so that all your home and car keys are in one place.

  1. Animal busts

If you want to show your love for the wildlife then a 3D printed pallet featuring an animal bust is the best way. If you are someone with traditional tastes, you can hang this pallet in any part of your house to assert your authority or to give a masculine vibe, such as a bachelor pad or a den, if you have one in your house.

  1. Chalkboard


You can even customize your 3D printed pallet into a chalkboard and hang it where everyone has a clear view of it. You can use this space to jot down shopping lists, jobs to do around the house, and important dates or appointments. You can personalize or embellish it with keepsakes and mementos to add a touch of warmth in the living room.

These are just some of the amazing ways in which you can use 3D printed pallets to create beautiful yet functional wall hangings for your house. The key thing is to find the correct printing company to do the job for you at an economical cost.

So let your imagination go wild because the possibilities with 3D printing are endless. You will be amazed at how this technology can help you bring the most beautiful designs to life.

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