An Overview of Snake Plants

Yes, the go-to living decor for everyone!

But more than that, snake plants help bring a lot of benefits to your home. But before that, let’s explore a bit more about Snake Plants.

Snake plants with their wavy upshoot leaves full of gradient textures that resemble, well, a snake, is hard to miss.

They are actually part of a flowering plant species that has its origins in Africa and Asia.

They come in different appearances, such as short upright varieties and tall varieties that droop over when they flower. The main attraction of these plants is their vertical growth pattern.

There are primarily three common species of snake plant, namely, the Haworthia fasciata, Albuca watsonioides and Sansevieria trifasciata.

This includes physical, spiritual and monetary benefits. The benefits of snake plants are listed below.

The Benefits of Snake Plants :

1]  Good for Financial Growth

Snake Plants are supposed to bring in or rather attract monetary benefits! According to the Eastern traditions like Vastu Shastra as well as the Western ones, they will attract prosperity to the family that grows it.

It is said that if you display this plant at home or office, it will bring good luck and help with the growth of your finances. Snake Plant is also considered a very lucky plant and has been used in the Chinese Feng Shui discipline for many years now to create positive vibes in the owner’s environment.

2]  Benefits for Health

Snake Plant is known to purify the air by removing toxins from it. This feature makes it an important element in our indoors. To be specific, they help clear harmful elements like formaldehyde which are created from common household activities like carpeting, and also help in proper air supply.

Snake Plants are very well known for their properties as a detoxifier, normalizer and purifier of the blood. The fresh air inside your house can also mean fewer allergies and airborne diseases.

3]  Benefits in Spiritual Way

There is a belief that Snake Plant helps with protection against evil spirits and forces. It hides negative energy within its leaves, and it makes people feel safe while having it inside their home or office as they believe snake plants have this ability to keep the spirit positive…( Which we all know is a great thing!)

4]  Benefits for Aesthetics:

A fully grown snake plant can grow up to 2.5 meters high with some variety like mother-in-law’s tongue only reaching 1.2-meter height. It has a green stem looking like a snake that extends out from the centre of the branching leaves, which gives it its name ” Mother-in-law ‘s tongue”. Add classy contrasting paintings or artwork near, and “Viola”, you got yourself a classy home decor to die for!

Snake Plant is an Indoor Decor is a must for every home! The benefits of snake plants are great, and the overall look is very pleasing to all eyes, thus making it a worthy indoor plant to be placed in your homes.

They are also used as decorative plants in interiors of offices and also religious places as well. It is believed that the spiritual energy which flows around these places gets a considerable boost with the presence of snake plants.

Let’s explore some negatives of Snake plants as well :

Negatives of the Snake Plant: Though beneficial for roping in Money, not recommended to grow at home generally due to the fact that one has to come across two types of argument, either arguing against or in favour of growing these plants at home. Many people believe that because Snake plants are considered sacred, there is no need to try and cultivate them at home when they are readily available in nature.

Second, they are the worst nightmare for every pet parent. As these are poisonous, your kittens or pups can chew them and fall sick. They have to be placed far from the reaches of the pets, thus cancelling out the aesthetic benefits of snake plants.

All in all Benefits of snake plants greatly out weights the negatives.

Besides, snake plants are easy to grow and are a very low maintenance plant which needs less water and care. It looks great both outdoors and indoors, thus making it more of a practical choice for anyone who wants to take up gardening as well.

It is also easy to propagate as well, just cut the leaf as close to the stem as possible (without killing it off, obviously), then put it in a jar full of water till it grows stems off of its own. And thus, readers with an entrepreneurial spirit can make use of them as well.

So these are pretty much the benefits of snake plants and the negatives too. Overall, it’s a splendid plant that can bring a totally different vibe to your home!

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