Angular JS vs. React JS: Battle of the Toughest Frameworks

Web applications and apps development always demand modern and well-developed JavaScript frameworks. In a world of innovative frameworks, it feels pretty hard to find intuitive javascript frameworks. All frameworks do not fulfill your project requirements. Still, some are very capable and resourceful such as Angular JS vs. React JS. React JS covers 78.1 markets, and Angular covers 21% of developers’ demands.

The recent survey revealed that out of 20,000 developers, 7,600 developers intend to quit using Angular, and 6,700 said they would go for both.In 2020, The battle became more exhausted when these two phenomenal JavaScripts started gaining popularity. Big organizations adopt Angular and React JSto make their workflow more creative. The article will reveal some significant aspects and differences between open-source frameworks like React JS vs. Angular.

Angular JS is simply known as a JavaScript framework, and React JS is an inventive JavaScript library. You are going to have all your answers regarding working on high-performance applications and websites.

●   React Library vs. Angular Framework

Angular refers to the creative open-source javascript framework developed by Google. Countless developers are associated with Angular to make their workflow functionalities more robust and powerful. The giant organizations are connected to AngularJS, such as,,and There are almost 606,397 websites run through Angular worldwide. It is a single-handed flow in charge; also, it has a section for professional developers to plugin their codes effectively.

React JS is known as the unconventional UI {User Interface] library developed by Facebook. React JS provides liberty to developers to make sudden changes and utilize the framework to reusable factors of UI components in the applications. It allows brilliant rendering to complicated User Interfaces. It runs 942,216 websites worldwide, including famous brands such as,,, and  React JS allows the developers to connect with the library through coding anytime, anywhere.

● Mastery of Angular JS vs. React JS

Angular always takes more concentration, energy, and time to learn well. It has complicated typescript syntax that allows developers to dig deeper into its functionalities to make their design more creative and catchier.

It is real DOM [Document Object Model] and allows two-way data binding based on MVC (Model View Controller). Angular is a versatile framework that provides enticing coding factors to developers for their app development process. Angular is vast and a little slow to maintain and manage. It is also used for long-time projects.

While the other side, React JS always has been accessible to the developers from the initial stages of coding and development. It is based on Virtual DOM. Virtual DOM revolves around a reconciliation process that saves the data and is known as UI virtual representation. It is a memorable UI representation that connects with real DOM through the library. React JS is the opposite of Angular and represents a single-way data binding process. It also showcases its difficulty when developers acknowledge its advanced functionalities.

It has simple old-school HTML javascript formatting. When developers dig deeper into the JS library, they face the complicated ultra-modern tools and functionalities that make React JS a little harder to learn. React JS is smaller and faster in its functionalities and innovative features.


Angular is full of creative options, including MVC and Typescripts values. It has Rxjs, AngularCLI that work to extend channels for data exchange. It educates in various domains such as modules, components, templates. Paypal and Upworkare Argular’s users for their technical functionalities. It has strict coding and structure rules and still has general ease to make professional websites efficiently. 

React JS unwraps how to manage internal state, routing, and JSX’s core language. It is creative enough to give developers absolute control to open new versatile programming on the same projects. React JS is a faster, modern, and appropriate choice to make your websites more aesthetic.

● Performance: Angular vs. React

There is a lot of difference in Javascript frameworks as they behave differently under DOM, the programming interface of HTML and XML. Both have different DOM [Document Object Model] with virtual and real factors. The significant difference in their natures is related to the framework and the library-connected websites.

74.5% of developers utilizing React JS, and 57.6% accords with Angular. Developers always have some fundamental problems after using Angular due to its regular strict rules and DOM’s slow performance. It’s standard DOM [Document Object Model] occurs inaccuracy and reduces the development speed that refers to the UI elements and web pages. It is also directly updated HTML but has too many memory waste risk factors.

React’s virtual DOM [Document Object Model has ultra-modern functionalities. The web developers considered React’s virtual DOM quite faster than Angular. Virtual DOM allows to upgrade JSX elements and cut down the memory waste risks.

● Data Binding: Angular vs. React

Angular extends versatility by generating two-way data-binding. It makes the UI elements more eco-friendly and dares to allow primary coding and application development changes to the developers.

On the other side React JS is less creative as it only gives control to one-way data-binding. Its functionalities are far different from Angular. It compiles the time debugging and has an MVC view. React allows writing HTML into Javascript too.

● Recognition: Angular vs. React

Angular is enough to make its user-base still React JS winning the developer’s hearts. React JS is taken over the Angular half market in javascript frameworks.

  • GitHub Stars ratio revolves around Angular having 48K while React JS had 129K.
  • Angular earned 935 contributors, and React JS had
  • Angular had 5M weekly downloads, and Angular had 440K.

Angular has a wide range of high content streaming and music apps. It covers big brands such as YouTube, Wix, and Google. React JS concise the functionalities as an advanced technical library for short app developments by assisting with its built-in formatting features. React JS covers Uber, Netflix, Twitter, and Facebook,sort of big sharks.


Now you can decide which framework is more suitable to make your websites more impeccable and modern-developed. Angular is innovative for long-time projects regarding websites and web apps, while React JS is versatile for single-page projects.  64.8 developers accepted ReactJS as the most convenient framework to date. React JS is getting more famous day by day still Angular covers Gitlab and GitHub. Recent research reveals that React JS got 1,290 contributors, with Angular stands on 1,129 contributors. Both are well-developed open-source, advanced, and creative frameworks and libraries.

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