The Main Tech Trends for 2021

Every year there are different tech trends that seem to shape just about every aspect of life and 2021 is an interesting year in that regaurd. Obviously, the pandemic has interfered with just about every aspect of life since early 2020, but technology has been a savior in many cases and allowed life to carry on in some kind of normality. So, what are the main tech trend for 2021? Read on to find out what the main trends have been so far and will likely continue to be for the coming months during what is a unique, unprecedented, and strange time in the world.

Contactless Technologies

Contactless technologies have been steadily on the rise for a number of years now, but this has been greatly accelerated by the pandemic as they can allow for safe transactions to take place and reduce the chance of transmission. Perhaps most notable has been the complete stop to using any kind of cash for transactions, which could be set to be a long-term move.

Remote Work

Another major trend to emerge during the pandemic has been remote work, which again is one that was steadily on the rise before but has been greatly accelerated. Remote work can bring a range of benefits to both businesses and employees, so it is easy to see this continuing even once the pandemic has ended, although many will adopt a hybrid model which will keep both parties happy as some miss certain aspects of being in the office and/or may not have a suitable working environment at home.

Tech DIY

Many people have turned to tech DIY during the pandemic both as a new hobby and as a way to do their own repair work/take on new projects. Using the digikey electronics catalog enables people to browse and find all of the electronic parts that they need to do their own tech DIY at home, which could even help them to make big savings on their tech costs as well as enjoy doing their own work.


VR and AR are two types of technology that have developed rapidly in recent years and can be used in many different ways, especially now with the pandemic forcing people to spend more time at home. These technologies allow people to have an immersive experience without actually visiting the place, which is obviously useful in the current situation. AR and VR are being used in gaming, manufacturing, training, eCommerce, education, and many other sectors.


Blockchain is a type of technology that has been around for a while but slowly beginning to enter the mainstream, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. The main benefit of blockchain is it is secure and requires no third-party, which means that it is a safe technology in a time of cybercrime and one that brings many benefits to both businesses and individuals.

These are the main tech trends in 2021 and ones that will continue to play a key role in life for the coming months, especially when it comes to coming out of the pandemic.

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