Why Node Js Platform is So Successful Now

Node.js is a known platform and this fact cannot be ignored. People get wonder that what makes this platform quite popular that too within a short period. We understand your query. Here, we are going to mention this in a detailed manner. Let’s check out those factors in a detailed manner –

Talking about the ability to create flexible apps which go smoothly on any platform whether it is about Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, Node.js would be ideal to go ahead.  There has truly been a rise up in cross-platform app development in the last few years. Talking about the stress in case if your app does not run on a different operating system has truly been gone, but Node.js has truly helped to take care of that. It has made it possible to enable the developer to go ahead to write apps that can run on different platforms following little or no rectification being made.

  • Good At Being Light and Fast –

Node.js goes with Google’s V8 JavaScript engine which was truly built in C++. Here, it needs to mention that the engine is indeed regarded being an open-source as well as high-performance JavaScript and WebAssebly engine. To put it in simple words, the engine was developed for Google Chrome as well as Chromium browser by the Chromium Project. Here, it needs to mention that the V8 engine is known for handling compiles, allocation, and executes JavaScript. Moreover, it is also known for compiling JavaScript into machine code going with a just-in-time (JIT) compiler before bringing it into the light.

  • Being Easy To Learn –

It is one of the prominent factors regarding its wide usage. Though many developers, JavaScript skills have always been quite common. Node.js is known for using JavaScript. Therefore, it could be said that learning Node.js is quite easy. You can start doing this just after few weeks.  Learning Node.js can truly make a bit longer but good to manage. To put it in simple words, Node.js is not easy to tricky. And we all want a platform that we can learn easily. And Node.js is one of them. When it could be learned so fast and use smoothly, it will go popular at the forefront.

  • Incredible Scalability Offer –

Node.js has especially been designed along with scalable network applications in mind. The best thing is that it can truly handle a variety of concurrent requests. It can be said that it is regarded being one of the prominent reasons which make is quickly quite popular among the developers as well as large companies. It is also good at handling several simultaneous requests without any sort of strain. A callback is fired only after a request is done. But it would go to sleep in case there are no jobs to be accomplished. Node.js is online when it is required. This is also known for avoiding unwanted usage of your RAM.

Moreover, Google’s V8 JS engine can easily be found in the V8 docs. Node.js goes with a non-blocking model in the context of performing operations. Node.js is known for publishing an entire article on blocking and non-blocking mode so that all-important information has been shared. It is also good at handling different types of request which is made following a single asynchronous thread. It makes it possible to mitigate CPU workloads along with memory.  It could truly be an ideal way to turn your app into the most lightweight.

  • Many Hosting Providers Are Available –

Talking about the results when it comes to growth, many cloud-oriented hosting providers and web servers have truly added quite the easiest and simple ways of hosting Node.js code. You might be wondering about those hosting providers. Here, we are going to mention, it is called Amazon Web Services, Heroku, and DgiitalOcean among others. There are several detailed as well as simple guides in this respect.

  • Quite Extensible –

Node.js does not impart everything which you required all at once. The best thing is that it prevents holding unwanted libraries. What makes it different from others is the facility of Node Package Manager. To put it in simple words, it is indeed the default package manager. Here, you would be able to browse and install all over 1M open source packages. You may easily go-ahead to identify as well as install project dependencies.

  • Having Caching Ability –

Node.js imparts the ability to cache single modules. Do you know what is all about Caching? To put in simple words, it is Caching known for its storage of data in the context of future requests indeed. When it comes to having a request involving the module, it is fetched right from the cache instead of going with the prominent servers. Therefore, the app loads in a highly fast and responding manner.

Have you been wondering that what apps could be developed using Node.js? You have landed at the right place. Well, the answer is that Node.js can truly be used in the context of making almost any sort of app.  Here, we are mentioning some of the apps which you can develop going with Node.js

  • You might be wondering about Social media applications. LinkedIn uses Node.js.
  • Real-time apps like chat apps and it feels great that how this platform is being used for different apps so smoothly.
  • Streaming apps can also be made going with this platform, For example, Netflix.
  • Single-page applications (SPA). eg. Portfolio etc.
  • Ecommerce apps are indeed important and can also be developed going with Node.js For example, Walmart.
  • Blogs.
  • Excellent Online Payment systems. For example, PayPal
  • APIs
  • Mobile apps. Node.js can be used together with other frameworks eg. ExpressJs to build mobile apps.

Conclusion –

Do not all these factors sound quite interesting? And the list does not end up here. There are more on the list. Though, it could be said that it is high in demand and being used prominently.

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