Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

Technology is developing day by day with the introduction of new technological advancements. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two phases of these technological developments. Both are representing a different era of development. Many people are facing confusion regarding the differentiation of AI and machine learning. Some think both aspects are completely similar. Today, you can gather complete data regarding both in the upcoming paragraphs.

Artificial Intelligence – An Overview

Artificial intelligence develops for analyzing the conditions and simplifying decision making. It is designed for working similar to the brains of human beings. It lends great support in solving problems and makes everything easier for all users.

Artificial Intelligence – A History

Firstly, AI was developed and used in the years 1956. Here, a model created by scientists to understand how brian of humans work. The development of some highly advanced computers was also a part and result of such research.

Categories of Artificial Intelligence

AI is used for multiple purposes in different industries to solve critical problems easily and get the best results. In all types of conditions, you don’t need AI with similar capabilities and functioning. For all these things, AI programs divide into 3 major categories.

  • ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence)
  • AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)
  • ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence)

All these AIs are used in different industries for fulfilling basic, critical, and technical requirements. Here, you will get detailed information.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

ANI is also known as weak AI. Here, some people definitely want to know what makes an AI weak or strong. Mainly the capabilities of performing activities and functioning decide such a factor. The weak artificial intelligence program is useful in repeating a single task as per the command only. With it, weak AI does not have the potential of surpassing humans.

In the year 1996, a weak AI showed its domination by defeating the chess veteran, Garry Kasparov. The name of such an AI was Deep Blue and it had the capability of evaluating & performing around 200 chess positions in a single second. That time, many people also opposed and gave statements, “it is not an AI”.

The next example is about an artificial intelligence program that develops in the shape of a game player, AlphaGo. The capability of this AI is, it can analyze the complete game and understand how to play and figure out the best way to win. It works in an impossible manner. As per its capabilities, the AI won the most complicated games in history.

In the year 2017, DOMO launched Mr. Roboto, an AI. It has capabilities of working as an analytical tool for businesses and provides some suggestions & support in decision making as per the business insights and development.

The most commonly weak AI technology used in healthcare, science, and business industries.

Artificial General Intelligence

It considers as strong AI. It reflects a part of future technological development on which all scientists are working and maintain things perfectly. Strong AI is highly similar to humans. It is not only capable of focusing on and solving logical problems but also understands the emotions and reacts accordingly. We can consider the virtual assistants and chatbots as a part of such development.

Artificial Super Intelligence

It is the stage of AI where technology surpasses humans. Most of the individuals imagine this particular stage of artificial intelligence while discussing. It is wise, smart, good social skills, and highly creative. ASI completely bases on the imagination right now.

These are some major facts about AI by which you can understand lots of things. If you focus on the strong AIs (artificial general intelligence and artificial superintelligence), then these functions mainly for machine reasoning, machine learning, and robotics.

Machine Learning – An Overview

Machine learning is a phase of technology where AI can study computer models and algorithms for analyzing the commands and complete the assigned task. You can consider it as a subset of artificial intelligence,

Components of Machine Learning

Machine learning systems are working on 3 basic components.

  • Datasets
  • Features
  • Algorithm

All these three components are useful in educating a machine and passing some instructions or commands to perform a task. Some details are here.


The collection of data or samples is an important and basic task in machine learning. The data can be texts, images, numbers, or anything else. By gathering the data, it creates datasets to store the complete information and present it effectively.


Features are useful for getting solutions to the problems. It works by analyzing and processing the database for providing the best results or predictions. For such a task, you don’t need to issue commands for the machine. It works by detecting the patterns and understanding the actions.


To complete a task or solve a problem, there are multiple ways or solutions available. The performance or solution of a machine based on the algorithm. It also decides the speed of providing the final results and its accuracy level. For boosting the performance and getting better results, sometimes it is good to combine different algorithms and come up with a better one.

These are facts about machine learning. It is available with limited scope but better than other options like a manually encoded set of instructions for software performance.

Final Words – Which One is Better

Previously, we discussed multiple facts about machine learning and artificial intelligence. In case you try to compare them both, then you can find artificial intelligence in a higher position. AI reflects the future and further development of technology. It is not only capable of getting commands and performing accordingly but also making decisions, driving data, and analyzing things to come up with a perfect decision, not a suggestion.

However, machine learning is not getting old and replaced with AI in several manners. Numerous IT companies are investing a huge amount of money only for the development of artificial intelligence and bringing something new & highly advanced. It is the biggest difference, machine learning is the past of the software & IT industry and artificial intelligence is going to be the future.

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