Beginners Guide to Pest Control for Bees

Bees are social insect; this implies that they have a very organized colony. Bees are of economic importance to the economy. I mean who does not like honey. Think about it because of how sweet it is you call the people you love honey. The sad thing is if they happen to build their hive in your yard, then you are in trouble. I can bet you will agree that just the sight and the sound of their flight is terrifying.

Bees like wasp they might attack as a response to a particular chemical given off by another member of the hive. Remember that it has back up ready to attack you once you attack one member of the hive. Most people would make it a duty to get rid of them because of their ability to cause harm (sting) there are many ways to handle bee infestation. In addition, there are ways not to. One method you should never consider is to whack it to death because you will most likely get stung. In such cases, it is safe to leave it to the professionals.

If you would rather perform this task by yourself, you should do an allergy test to find out if you are allergic to a bee sting before anything else. If you are allergic to the sting and you get stung, it would be lethal to you. And I will strongly suggest you tell someone else to help you. Make sure you wear protective clothing, boots, facemask, garden gloves, etc. these will shield you from bee stings.

Two Methods to Get Rid of Bees

Apart from hiring the best pest control near you, there are two more solutions to your bees;

Apply Soap Water And Mint On Them:

This method is extremely easy to do and works best for ground bees. All you need to do is pour water into their hive. It is often an excellent idea to trap the entire hive before you start applying water. That is if it is in a place where you can. Just as prevention of bee sting. But if it is built at a place where you can’t, I will advise you to turn it over to a professional You should consider doing this at early hours of the morning or late hours of the night. This method has a very high chance of you getting stung. That’s why you must wear protective clothing.

Smoke Them Out

This method is also very straight forward and very effective. Just light a fire underneath the hive. Do ensure you wear protective clothing. This technique works best on a high nest which are hanging in tree branches. The chances are that they will relocate after such an incident.

However, it is better and cheaper to prevent bees from your home than getting rid of them. Growing a bee repellent tree such as citronella, mint and eucalyptus is the best option to consider. For it will not only keep the bees out but a whole lot of pests like ants, wasp and many more.

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