7 Best Android Launchers in 2024

Android launchers are an excellent way for any android phone user looking to improve their phone’s user experience. They can help you customize a wide range of features like your home screen, phone icons, and themes, or add new functions, etc., giving you a completely personalized feel and experience when you use it. Android Launchers can also make your favorite device more efficient, functional, and productive for your personal use. Here are 7 of the best Android Launchers in 2024. This guide from ValidEdge can help you understand better.

1. Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher is one of the most ultimate android launchers available on the Google Play Store and has been for several years now. It provides almost unlimited customizations on your phone to honestly give you a personalized feel and user experience. Nova Launcher provides you with various features like customizing your folders, icons, icon labels, etc., and provides options like color themes, scrollable docks, app drawer customizations, folder settings, etc. It is fast, smooth, and lightweight and goes easy on your battery usage with a 0.4% usage despite all the varied features it provides.


1) Size – 7.6 MB

2) Google Play Store Rating – 4.5stars out of 1M reviews

3) Downloads – Over 50 million+

2. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher provides the option to sync between Microsoft apps, allowing you more productivity. It gives your phone a specific look and feels; it is highly customizable and will enable you to organize everything on your phone. In addition, Microsoft Launcher provides beautiful wallpapers and a fresh image from Bing every day. The latest version has been rebuilt on a new codebase to provide all its features like dark mode, personalized news, improved load time, less memory use, etc., all with better battery performance.


1) Size – 15 MB

2) Google Play Store Rating – 4.7 stars out of 1M reviews

3) Downloads – Over ten million+

3. Smart Launcher 5

The Smart Launcher, famous for its simple ‘flower’ grid, has been updated with many new features. The latest version, Smart Launcher 5, provides layouts that are designed to keep your favorite apps within easy reach, adaptive icons and colors, resizable widgets, intelligent search, and a customizable app drawer. In addition, it changes the theme color based on the wallpaper and provides the option to choose which default apps to keep. Smart Launcher 5 gives your phone an elegant look and feel.


1) Size – 13MB

2) Google Play Store Rating – 4.4stars out of 558K Reviews

3) Downloads – Over ten million+

4. Niagara Launcher

Niagara is the ultimate launcher for Android users looking for a minimalist design. Niagra does not provide as many customization options as other launchers. However, its neat and aesthetic look gives it a sharp edge over other launchers. It is one of the most active Android launchers on the Google Play Store and works smoothly on lower-end devices. The app drawer automatically surfaces your favorite apps and displays notifications on the home screen.


1) Size – 4.5 MB

2) Google Play Store Rating – 4.4stars out of 6K reviews

3) Downloads – Over one million+

5. Poco Launcher 2.0 – Customize, Fresh and Clean

Poco Launcher, like its name suggests, provides you with lots of options to customize your home screen and is fast, lightweight, and gives high performance. It is an excellent android Launcher and comes pre-installed on Poco devices from Xiaomi. You can categorize apps by color and hide app icons as well. In addition, Poco Launcher provides a convenient search tool and is optimized for speed and simplicity.


1) Size –18 MB

2) Google Play Store Rating – 4.6stars out of 492K reviews

3) Downloads – Over ten million+

6. Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure, and Efficient

Apex Launcher is an efficient and fast launcher. It provides security and personalized customization with its app lock feature, free icon packs and themes, and stylish 3D transition effects. Apex Launcher allows you to hide apps from the app drawer and sorts them based on the title, installation date, or how frequently you use them. It also provides convenient gesture options like pinch swipe up/down and double-tap. Apex Launcher provides an overall good balance of features and performance.


1) Size – 18MB

2) Google Play Store Rating – 4.3stars out of 331K reviews

3) Downloads – Over ten million+

7. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher comes with many gesture controls and provides a wide variety of customizations. It includes customization of themes, folders, transparencies, animations, icon packs, and adaptive icons. In addition, Hyperion provides a great visual experience with a variety of color themes and interfaces. Most of its features are free, but some parts are unlocked with an in-app purchase for the Pro version.


1) Size – 3.8MB

2) Google Play Store Rating – 4.1stars out of 13K reviews

3) Downloads – Over one million+

Android Launchers serve both functional and aesthetic purposes and are an excellent way for Android users to extend their personality and taste to their phones. In addition, it makes the user experience much more positive and encourages users to be creative with lots of unique customization features and options. So, if you’re looking for the perfect user experience with your android, go check out these seven best Android Launchers of 2024.

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