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Moving to a new house is really exciting. You always get to shop for new decors, appliances, and furnishings.

Everything seems comparable to shopping for new clothes that are easy and enjoyable until you embark on your quest to finding a new ducted air conditioning  that keep your home comfortably cool during the hotter days.

If it is your first time to buy this appliance for yourself. Therefore the real challenge has apparently begun. Choosing an air conditioner for your home is actually just easy if you are keen on doing a little research.

The sales representative in appliance stores can even assist you as well as provide you the necessary information that will help you to come up with a sound decision.

All it takes a little time and some of the amount of effort in canvassing for the different types of brands of the air conditioning units.

When you select the air conditioning system for your home then it is highly recommended that you should go for the newer models as they are known to have high energy efficiency.

This means that they are more conservative in utilizing electricity. Therefore you can also save some money from the high utility bills. These units also the eco-friendly that alternate to their older counterparts.

The size of the room you intend to place the unit it is also the one factor that would help you to determine the type of air conditioner that you actually need. There are four types of air conditioners as given below:

Split air conditioner:

The split air conditioner is a combination of an outdoor and indoor unit and basically, it is ideal for cooling the huge, single room or two small rooms. The main advantage of this type of unit that you do not have to create the hole through your wall for it to be install.

This split system is basically deal for the heating and cooling the rooms indvidually in your home as well as for the large spaces. These type of air conditioner is designed for individual areas in your home.

For example, if you may only want to air conditioner in your child room or maybe in another living area then you can only on the button for those rooms only.

With a split system, the compressor is installed in  the outside of your home and the unit that passes the air into the house is either wall mounted or compact floor standing.


  • This is more economical as compared to the other type of air conditioning.
  • This system allows you to select the rooms where you only want to air condition.

Ducted air conditioning:

Ducted air conditioning system  is deal with the cooling and heating of your entire home. It is especially for the discreet look with the ultimate comfort zone.

Basically, the ducted air conditioning gives you a comfort situation as all in one climate control solution.

All it takes is a discreetly positioned the outdoor unit and in the indoor unit concealed in either your ceiling or under your floor with the flexible ducting that distributing the air via vents throughout your home.


The  benefits of the ducted air conditioning system are as given below:

  • From the ducted system, you have the choice to install it in your new home or it can be tailored to suit your existing one.
  • The second benefit you get that the only controller and grilles are visible inside your home and with all its technology they are hidden away. It is the quietest of all air conditioning solutions.
  • These air conditioning systems will not only to enhance your lifestyle but it significantly adds the value of your home also.
  • From installing these ducted air conditioners you will also enjoy the flexibility of heat or cool in every room and can control your home to maximize energy efficiency.

The ducted air conditioning units will work wonders for very large buildings. The application of this type of system in commercial buildings has grown rapidly, in recent times. This is mostly due to the overall effectiveness of the system in large areas.

The amount of money that it costs to heat and cool the large buildings in huge number. If you use the ducted air conditioner the price to maintain the great air quality in a large building that can be reduced dramatically.

This system works wonder for small homes as well. This type of systems is also very easy to control. Timers used to control this type of air conditioning units are set and forget. When you use the ducted system you will also benefit from the zone control.

With some ducted air conditioning installation, you can do the six separate air-conditioned zones. This provides the owners with unmatched economy and flexibility that simply cannot be provided by the air conditioning systems.

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