7 Reasons Why Homeowners Consider a Tiny House on Wheels

These days you’ll get surprised knowing that more and more homeowners are ditching their traditional homes for a tiny house that happens to be on wheels. Yes, on wheels. This may sound strange for some people, believing that the paradigm of being successful in life is measured by how big your house is, how cool your car is, and by having a wife/husband and kids. But this kind of lifestyle is not for everyone.

Some people may choose a different path. But that doesn’t mean they’re wrong and the majority of society is right. Well, that happens most of the time when society always tells you what to do, what to buy, and how to live your life when it should be you who decide for what you want.

This article features the big benefits of living in a tiny house on wheels (THOW). So when homeowners were asked about what makes them decide to live on wheels, here are  what they answered:

Homeowners travel with their home.

There are many reasons to live in a THOW and the biggest one is probably because some people do not want to be tied in a particular place. Living in a trail is the start of a great adventure. If you have a truck, you can tow your house whenever you feel like moving to another city. Isn’t it cool to travel with your home?

You can go on a trip without having to pay for a hotel or set up a campsite. If you’re destined to a different city for work stuff, you won’t have to rent an apartment because wherever you go, it always feels like home. However, state laws may vary when it comes to tiny house movements so if you’re considering this lifestyle, you should be aware of how a certain state regulates its zoning rules. Whereas in some states, there are tiny house communities where you can park and stay.

They live a Renaissance man’s spirit.

The notion of a Renaissance man is someone who excels in many things that’s why it’s translated into “Man of the World”. Living in a THOW is like living on your own where no one is there to serve you. Hence, you learn to survive with your own abilities.

While this probably won’t happen, sometimes people should think about certain what ifs in life like what if the grocery stores ceased to exist and what if the energy sources were never going to come back on? It’s important that we have the skills to which we can fall back. It could be carpentry, farming, metalworking, and other survival tasks.

Tiny house has low maintenance.

Having a smaller space is easier to maintain compared to typical houses. There can be minimal repairs and debris to clean so spend less time for maintenance. If you’re planning to have one of your own, you can either purchase a pre-fabricated model or hire some certified project home builders and manufacturers that specialize in this housing movement. But practicing your Renaissance Man spirit would give you a more reasonable price. You can actually build it yourself with an average amount of $23,000 and save yourself from a mortgage that hangs above your head.

You consume less amount of energy.

Smaller space can almost always consume less amount of energy since you use fewer lights and less water. These homes are well-insulated which often results in a greater return of energy that is spent on heating and cooling. Take note that heating and cooling in a tiny house may take the same amount of energy as a small bedroom of a traditional home.

It’s eco-friendly.

Saving energy sources is like making the world greener and it’s good to be one of the few people that contribute much less in terms of emissions, waste, and the like. Tiny houses require much fewer (renewable) materials and resources which makes it easier to keep.

It’s safe from natural disasters.

We’ve heard a lot of homeowners who suffer from the destruction of homes due to earthquakes and heavy storms. Good thing there’s insurance but they have to wait for roughly 8 months to be paid out. When it comes to natural disasters, living small can have a great advantage. You can immediately evacuate and move to a safer place once you figure that a surge is about to fall in your area.

Homeowners live a simpler life.

Small living lets you experience a simpler life away from crashing noise, toxic people, and all the tribulations of a crowded neighborhood. Having limited space, you only welcome the things that truly enrich your lives. No bulging stuff, elaborate electronics, and huge rooms to keep. This way makes it easier to site a place that’s pretty close to nature.

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