A Guide with 10 Tips to Choose the Best Workout Shoes

Buying a new pair of running shoes sounds like something easy to do, but you need to put some thought into it, especially since there are so many options out there that can help you exercise as comfortable as possible. The following is a brief list of recommendations you should follow before paying for running shoes.

Think Ahead about what you are going to do

Soccer players use specially designed footwear to be able to play better. The same thing happens in most sport disciplines such as box, football, tennis, and baseball. If you are planning to start a jogging routine, you need shoes that are suitable to run and walk. This is one of the reasons why there are so many sports shoes available. Almost all of them are designed to work with specific discipline in mind. If you need more info about the best running shoes, you will do well if you buy them in a store instead of online.

Learn Long They Can Last

Almost any professional trainer will tell you that your running shoes will be good for 400 miles. 500 if you are pushing it. That’s nearly 60 to 70 hours walking at full speed. Take into account that this measure, as professional as it can be, is determined by the quality of the shoes you are buying. You will also have to take notice of other factors such as the sole getting worn out, or how they fit on your feet. The minute a shoe becomes uncomfortable to wear, you probably will want to change them.

Take Your Time to Hunt Them Down

We already mentioned that it’s a great idea to buy your running shoes in a store, especially if you have no idea about what you should buy. If you have more than one option available, make surer to try all of them. Most of the time we content ourselves by buying the first thing we are offered just to find out later that the fit is not the right one, or that the shoes get uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods. Take your time to buy the right footwear to know what suits you best. Once you have enough experience, you can make your purchases online when you need to replace them.

Test Their Fit

We have mentioned a couple of times already that the fit of your brand new pair of running shoes should be perfect. The best way to check for this is by wiggling your toes inside of them. If your toes have mobility inside the shoe and the fit feels snug enough to feel them in place, you are on the right track. Your running shoes should be comfortable to put on as well to take them out.

Check Your Footprint

Every human being can fit their footprint on one of three types: you either have a balanced footprint, a high arched one, or a flat one. Balanced arches call for regular shoes since a standard foot rolls a bit inwards when you run, this is the most common model you will find. High-arched footprints show a narrow band connecting the skin between your heel and your foot. To deal with this, you will need cushioned shoes with extra support. Last but not the east you have flat footprints, these look like a linear sole, and you will need stability shoes or motion-controlled shoes to run properly.

Set a Budget

You can find good quality running shoes starting with basic models that cost $25 to more complex models that can go over $250. If you are buying on a store, make sure to let the vendor know about your budget, he will make sure to show you something that is within your price range. As we mentioned, you can find quality at reasonable prices if you are not focusing too much on the flashiness of your shoes.

Never Take the Word of a Seller When he tells you that the Shoes Need to “Break-In.”

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A salesman will tell you cheap excuses like “the shoe needs to be used more to break in.” Don’t take that line of bull. Running shoes should fit perfectly and feel comfortable right at the minute you place them in your feet. Never buy something that doesn’t feel good after the first test run.

Shop for Shoes Later in the Day

You take the beating of your workday from morning until it’s time to get out of the office. Don’t buy your running shoes in your lunch break, wait up until the end of the afternoon. Your feet will be a bit swollen, but they will also reflect the way they will be as you run. Try them out at that time of the day to get the best fit.

Don’t Swallow the Marketing of Any Brand

Try as many shoes as you want, try as many brands as they are available. The great thing about capitalism is that a lot of companies have the most diverse offerings on running shoes. With such various options available, it’s natural to choose the one that is perfect for you. Don’t go for brand loyalty in this regard, but the shoes that are a natural fit to your feet.

Try to go a Bit Bigger than Your Actual Fit

If you happen to be a prolific runner, the chances are that you will build muscle, even on your feet. If you can manage one of the strategies we already mentioned regarding time and options, try to buy shoes that are half a size bigger than your usual fit. You will be able to cover your back if you buy a pair of shoes on the blind by having a little more room to wiggle your toes.

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