Brother Toner Cartridge: Effective Tips to Remove from Clothes

It is impossible to eliminate the use of printers from our life. From the office to home, it is highly required to meet our printing requirements. Therefore, while refilling you cannot deny the factor that the toner will not fall on your clothes. But remember, it is more difficult to wash off the toner than the financial pyramid to regain the customer’s trust, because the toner consists of fine powder which penetrates deep into the pores of the skin and clothing. In addition to these nice features, toner powder is smeared under the action of heat, demonstrates water-repellent properties and resistance to a number of solvents. Therefore, the removal of toner is associated with some problems.

How to Embrace the Immensity

To remove the toner from the clothes, it is essential to use a combination of different methods and avoid errors associated with the characteristics of the powder. To do this, you need to adhere to several important rules:

  • First of all, you should entrust to only professional to perform toner washing from your clothes.
  • Use only cold water and a vacuum cleaner without heating the air; otherwise, you will get dirt or a broken vacuum cleaner instead of powder.
  • Do not attempt to flush toner down the drain because it does not sink and floats on the surface.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a good filter, because the size of the toner particles is small and standard filters pass it outside, where it hangs in the air and settles in the lungs.

How To Dissolve Toner Powder?

Attempting to dissolve the toner usually does not lead to anything good, because the dissolving its composition is toxic. The exception is the liquid for washing off the varnish because in most of these liquids acetone is replaced by a similar substance without a strong odour. The question of the toxicity of acetone substitutes remains open, but such “washes” at least do not smell. The sequence of actions should be as follows:

  • The spilt toner should be removed with a dry or slightly damp cloth – throw out the cloth after putting the bag down;
  • Remove residues with isopropyl alcohol
  • Toner is smeared when dissolved, so the procedure is repeated several times – different rags are used, because the toner is difficult to wash off.

If the toner remains on your clothes, it is better to vacuum it thoroughly or take it outside and shake it well. After that, clothes should be washed in cold water. All these problems will pass by if you entrust the replacement of toner to professionals that complete your job with minimum efforts.

Tips To Save Your Clothes From Toner

While refilling, the powder can fall on the furniture, floor, or on your favourite T-shirt. But, in all such situation, you need not to be panic, as ignorance and panic can make things impossible to clear. Let’s discuss some steps to save yourself from such toner strains:

  • First, when pulling out the cartridge, make sure that there are no objects of light colours like white, beige, yellow, etc. It’s better to pre-lay an oilcloth or newspaper under the printer. And, of course, you should not be engaged in changing the expandable device in the ceremonial dress. For the hand protection, you can wear gloves otherwise well washed of hands will be enough.
  • Secondly, if the paint is still on your clothing, then do not rush to soak it with hot water or try to wash it off immediately. Exposure to hot water leads to toner deeper into the fabric material. Its removal from clothes is seriously impossible.
  • Thirdly, if the powder got on the furniture or carpet, then you do not need to use a damp cloth. This applies to both upholstered furniture and cabinet. The easiest and safest way to use a vacuum cleaner. Since the toner is dry and not wet, it is easily absorbed into the vacuum cleaner. In some situations, when carelessly you poured too much toner, you can pre-sweep it with a broom, but without pressure.

Bottom Line

Removing a toner stain can be hectic for you, but if you follow the above-mentioned tips then the problem cannot bother you anymore. Referring to the above, if you use a vacuum cleaner then be sure to wash it properly after use. As household models do not have protective filters like professionals and they are also not designed to perform similar tasks.

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