Budget Travel Ideas to Visit Dubai This Season

Dubai, the traveler’s paradise and a dream destination is a must visit place for aficionado. It is an ideal city where you can witness a perfect blend of modernization and Arabian heritage. Over the years of development and urbanization, Dubai has kept its legacy and conventions unblemished.

Dubai is also known notoriety for being costly – and with the city’s lavish accommodation, extravagant shopping centers and fancy dining spots, it really seems true. But still Dubai is in reach of a budget traveler if some smart and proficient ways are utilized. If you are planning to visit Dubai any time soon and hoping to save some cash, here I am going to share with the most ideal budget travel ideas to visit Dubai this season.

  1. Book Plane Tickets in Advance

Generally, it is best to book your tickets a couple of months ahead of time. This will enable you to get the best rates. Since Dubai is a great center of attraction and many travelers’ dream destination, different airlines offer promotions and deals from time to time.  Therefore, watch out for those on the internet. For instance, check out Etihad and Emirates website, usually they show a list of special rates and highlight promotions if there are any from your country. Also, you will find much cheaper rates on airlines like Fly Dubai with reasonable services. If you select one of the local airlines of UAE, you will find special discounted rates and promotions which are specially offered for tourists. In this way, you can save more.

Tip: If you are traveling to Dubai via Emirates before August and want to make the most out of your Dubai city tour, you can show your boarding pass at certain restaurants and spas around the city and avail up to 40% discount on your total bill.

  1. Book Hotel Accommodation

Being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Dubai houses some of the extraordinary top-class hotels and lodges. However, Burj Al Arab – the only 7-star hotel in the world – is where anyone wants to stay, not all can afford it. But there are plenty of reasonable hotels in Dubai accessible to budget travelers such as Palm Beach Hotel Bur Dubai, Premier Inn, Landmark Plaza Baniyas, Grand Sina Hotel, Omega Hotel, Emirates Grand Hotel Apartments, The Country Club Hotel, Aldar Hotel etc.

Book Hotel Accommodation

Another incredible choice for somebody wanting to save some money is to visit Airbnb. Dubai has a flourishing real estate market and there are a lot of beautiful apartments available for rent. Airbnb gives the proprietors of those apartments a golden opportunity to rent them out to the travelers on a comparatively low-cost. If you do not require a lot of facilities, Airbnb can provide you various options to rent an apartment in Dubai for a few nights.

Tip: There are generally less travelers in hot summers and in the month of Ramadan. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Dubai in these months, you will find special offers and discounted travel packages from different tour operating companies and slashed prices on hotel accommodation. Also, airlines offer special rates in these months.

  1. Use Local Means of Transportation

If you want to explore Dubai all by yourself, you need to take advantage of a RTA NOL card. It is ideal for travelers and to get red card or silver card which ranges between 6 AED to 25 AED respectively. I would suggest you to get a silver card as it is the best option for budget travelers to travel inside the city. This card can be utilized in all the local transport services inside Dubai such as RTA buses, metros, cable cars, and even water taxis. You will need to get a Dubai Metro guide to understand its route and know which places you can explore easily through it. However, cabs are less expensive in Dubai as compared to other cities of the world, it is not the ideal way for getting around the city. In the peak hours traffic can be daunting. A single taxi ride will cost you minimum 12 AED no matter how short the distance is. However, when Dubai has such a great local transportation system, a budget traveler should firmly think about that option.

  1. Explore Local Eateries

You will find numerous excellent options to dine in Dubai. There are great restaurants of different descents and it will definitely become hard for you to decide what to eat? Therefore, you need to decide two things – What to Eat and Where to Eat”. Dubai has fine dining options including European, American and Japanese high-end restaurants and a great variety of low cost eateries that serves Indian and Arabic cuisines.

Explore Local Eateries

Tip: Dubai’s high-end areas tend to have higher rates for shopping, restaurants and other activities. For minimal spending on food, visit Bur Dubai and Deira where there are a lot of local eateries offering great cuisines at a cheaper price.

  1. Budget Sightseeing and Attractions

Budget Sightseeing

Some of the best tourist attractions of Dubai require a lot of money to explore them, yet there are bounty that don’t. Here I have listed down some of the best places of Dubai which you can explore on a budget and discover the old and modern sides of the city.

a. Bastakiya: is known as the legacy of Dubai. It is home to the Dubai Museum and different in tribal homes. The zone additionally has a solid social vibe, with delightful architecture and stylish coffee houses.


b. Souks: are ideal for people looking for deals and cheap items to buy as a souvenir. The most prominent souks in Dubai are Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Perfume Souk and Textile Souk which tourists must visit. While dealing with one of the vendors, make sure to quote a price of the item half of its cost and from there start negotiating the final price. This way you will get the items at the least expensive rates. To reach out to the gold, spice and perfume souks in Deira side, you will need to take a fun abra ride from Dubai Creek which costs only 1 AED.

Souks in Dubai

c. Dubai Mall: is also a major attraction of Dubai. The entry is free and there is a lot to discover inside the mall without spending a dime. You can take a lot of photos of the enormous dinosaur skeleton installed inside the mall, watch the marine life visible from the outside at the Dubai Aquarium and even get entertained by the famous dancing fountain show from the prime spot of the mall.

Dubai Mall

d. Beaches: are one of the best places to explore as a tourist in Dubai. There are some attractive and clean beaches which tourists and vacationers can visit to spend a leisurely day. For instance, Kite Beach and Jumeirah Beach offers fun activities and great photography options. You can enjoy kite surfing in Kite Beach and take a memorable photograph with Burj Al Arab in the background at Jumeirah Beach. Take sunbath in sun loungers and enjoy a carefree day.

Dubai Beaches

In a Nutshell

Exploring Dubai doesn’t need to break your bank. With some of the smart ways mentioned above, you can appreciate a great number of activities and attractions in the city at a low budget. Happy Travel! 

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