3 Critical Moments that will Tell What Kind of Person Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is

The boyfriend-girlfriend stage naturally comes before marriage. It is one of the most colorful phases of a romantic relationship. Many new beginnings, firsts and discoveries come from this level. Essentially, after the successful courting stage, this period is the time to know more and more about each other.

It is important for you to know and understand the personality and beliefs of your significant other. Why? Because whether you like it or not, these can highly affect your relationship and also you as a person. If you will really end up being together until the end, then it is very essential that you know each other well. Even if it could be true that you cannot fully know someone aside from yourself, it could also be true that you can. It’s hard to be haunted by regrets, so this must be taken seriously.

There are times and situations that can bring out many different sides of a person, including those they hide or hold in. Of course, there are emotions that only appear in specific circumstances, and it’s helpful to know how your partner carries them and handles them.

Below are 3 opportunities for you to know the kind of person your boyfriend or girlfriend is.

1 – During hardships in your relationship


The hardest times in life always tell a lot about someone’s personality. Because when you become sad, mad, frustrated or even desperate in times of hardships, colors of you that only show up in such emotional states do show up.

You will learn more about your partner in hard times. It’s so easy to have each other’s backs when everything is going well, when seasons are sunny and light, however, real reliability is proven when roads are rough, when the rain pours hard and the clouds are dark.

In times of problems and conflicts, your relationship and your toughness as individuals in that commitment will be both tested in levels that vary but are surely heavy. That’s when you will find out whether or not you can count on them anytime, especially in painstaking times.

Do they encourage you when you are losing hope? Or are they one of the reasons why you’re one tap away from falling apart? Do they take part in finding a solution to the problem? Or are they bringing in more problems instead? Do they show up in difficult situations? Or are they the first to leave?

The quality of the love that your partner expresses towards you is revealed not in times that are times but in times some people would easily choose to give up. Bad days are the days that will best tell you about the kind of person your boyfriend or girlfriend is.

2 – When they get angry

get angry

Anger is an intense emotion. It is powerful, and it can be dangerous because when it gets out of control, a person can say bad things or say good things in bad ways and become violent.

Getting angry is nothing unusual. It’s normal to get mad when something or someone irritates you or triggers your anger. What makes a huge difference is how you will respond to and react with those fierce emotions within your chest.

You know what makes your significant other happy, smile and laugh. You know what puts them in a good mood. Similarly, since you’ve been together for a while or for a long time already, you also know what makes them upset. Now, that’s when you will meet another side of them. You will know another portion of them when they are angry.

That’s when you will realize that they are either patient or hot-headed. You will witness how their words remain or change when they are furious. You will know that they have or don’t have strong self-control in the middle of a heated argument.

Domestic violence is often a result of anger management issues in one or both parties in a relationship. Lawyers, legal protection programs and medical help are all ready, willing and able to save victims of violent and abusive partners.

3 – How they treat other people aside from you

romantic relationship

Sincerity can never ever be absent in a romantic relationship. And that does not only mean that you and your partner are sincere to each other. It also implies that you are generally sincere, genuine and unpretentious as a person. One of the ways you can see the authenticity of your lover towards you is by observing how they treat people aside from you.

When a man is in love with a woman, it is automatic that he does anything and everything to impress her. His manners and courtesy as a gentleman are displayed. He puts in effort and makes some sacrifices for her as well. Such is evident before and during the courtship stage, and heartwarmingly, a lot of men maintain it even after getting their most-awaited “Yes.” However, what should not be overlooked is that all these should be natural, not forced and not done for a show. Be sensitive and wise about this. The same thing applies for women in love with their men. Women should be earnest towards their men.

Look at how they treat other people. Are they kind to you but rude to others? Do they give you their best but barely make an effort for other duties? Are they respectful to you but mean towards other women? Do they protect you but hurt other people? If your answer to these or at least one of these is yes, then there’s something wrong.

They don’t need to be as sweet to others as they are to you; you wouldn’t like that. What’s needed is that respect is natural to them – respect towards whoever, whenever, wherever.



Knowledge about your better half’s behavior, values and perspectives is one of the keys to determine your compatibility with each other. Marriage is what comes after dating, so it is indeed significant to be sure to prevent yourself from making regretful mistakes. It allows the both of you to understand each other more, which can improve your relationship.

Moreover, discovering more about each other in times that bring out the best or the worst in you and them is a deciding factor. It can either guarantee your romantic relationship’s strength, or it can tell you to wrap things up, so you can avoid getting hurt and/or hurting each other.

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