How to Spice up Your Relationship

When a relationship is just starting it is always exciting and there is so much romance and spontaneous dates. The fire is burning. But after a while both start to get comfortable, especially after a long period of time. The romantic dinner slowly turns into take out and movies on the couch. You even stop dressing up. Everyone gets too comfortable and it does not feel great, all you want to do is to go back to how things were steamy and romantic. Here are a few ways you spice up your relationship.

1. Prioritize Your Relationship.

I know it’s hard to prioritize your relationship especially with everything else going to work, social life and kids if you have can be very hard to put your relationship first but all you need to do is just try. Try to listen to your partner more attentively. Genuinely ask about their day. Stop making excuses about being tired or busy. Make time for your relationship. This will help you spice up a relationship.

2. Dress a Little Sexier.

If there is a specific out that your significant other like when you wear, wear it a little more often. You also go out and buy a few new pieces some in the color your partner likes and spice up your wardrobe. Try wearing some lingerie in the bedroom it wil help improve your sex life. Try a new putting on some makeup or try a new make technique or eyelashes try look for vegan eyelash suppliers and try them. For gents try where the suits she likes seeing you or just as simple as getting a nice jacket for yourself.

Sexy Dress


3. Leave Sweet Messages for Your Partners.

You can do physical notes, leave them in pockets for your partner to find or stick them on the bathroom mirror when he or she is about to go into the bathroom. Or if you do them digitally you can send romantic text messages when he is not around. This will help you and your partner think about each other during the day and this will ultimately improve your relationships when you meet.

4. Find an Activity or Challenge You can Do Together.

Look for something you both like and do it together after work. For example you can go on a hike together, you can compete and see who gets to the destination faster if you two love competition, you also just walk and enjoy the outdoors. You can also try to decorate your home with help of a good interior designer. You can change up a little things in your home. Having an activity you can do together will help bring you together.

Spice Up relation

5. Surprise Them.

Get something for them that they did not ask for. Deliver some flowers at her work place. Get for him those new sneakers he has on the cart for forever. You don’t have to do something that costs you money ,you can do an act of service like you can bath time for the kid and let her rest or you can offer to make her  favorite meal. These are very simple gestures that can go a long way to spice up the relationship.

6. Spice Things up in The Bedroom.

Get new lingerie and dress up for him. Set the mood for some sexy time. Light up a few candles and dim down the lights. Try something spontaneous new sex position that you have never tried again. You can also watch some sexy movies or adult movies together. Even if it not straight up sex, hug a little more often, hug tighter if you can make out at each chance you get more like when you first met.

7. Take a Break From your Normal Life

Normal life can be quite tedious and monotonous and can affect your relationship order to improve the status of your relationship. Take a trip out of town. Go on a road trip to a place you have both wanted to visit and just enjoy each other’s company away from your normal will do you a lot of good to separate yourself from all distractions. While on the trip you can disconnect from your phones. Phones are good but they occupy most of our time and we forget to look up and spend time with people who are right in front of us. Switch your phone for a few days and just hang out with your loved ones.

8. Drink Some Alcohol Together.

Whether it is going to a club and enjoying your favorite cocktail together or just getting a bottle of wine and enjoying it together. Alcohol has a way to just make the conversation the second glass you will be surprised you will be laughing and enjoy yourself. For non-drinkers sparkling grape juice will do just fine. Remember it’s not about the drink, it’s about spending time with each other. Be cautious when you decide to indulge in alcohol, do not overdo it and do not operate heavy machinery.

Drink Some Alcohol


A relationship is for two people each of you have a responsibility to keep your relationship burning. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, tell your partner how you are feeling. Tell him or her you love her more often. Speak up when you are not not forget to have fun.

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