5 Crucial Keys in Seriously Maintaining Your Regular Exercise

Exercise is a vital necessity of the human body. It bears productive fruits that make you healthy inside and out, from the bottom to the top. From physical fitness to mental wellness to emotional well-being, regular exercise modifies life and transforms it into a much better version. You will feel, look and be better when you make exercise a lifestyle.

Directly, you feel and experience how exercising rejuvenates the body and revitalizes the mind. When you work out, you get that urge to really do it regularly. Sometimes, when you are on fire, you don’t want to stop. Exercising truly gives you that energizing and vivifying fuel which you can’t get enough of!

However, the biggest challenge you and many people come face to face with in this matter is staying on track and continuing the fitness journey. Everyone who has just started tackles this, especially people who are not really used to working out on a regular basis. Sometimes, you feel lazy and tired, or you lack motivation and drive. Often, your school, work and other life responsibilities constrain your time. There are so many hurdles and many excuses too.

That’s why if you really want and need to hop onto the bus and take the road to better health, you need to possess these 5 keys in seriously maintaining your regular exercise. Yes, you need to be serious while enjoying the course. That’s how you do it. Keep reading to know more!



If there’s a will, there’s a way. This is true, for real.

Committing to regular exercise is something that not anyone can just do anytime they want. As the word “regular” in it expresses, regular exercise is something you must do on a regular basis. It’s something part of your regular schedule and not something you would do only when you feel like doing it.

Having the strong will to take on the challenge of regular exercise is the first vital key. Possess it, and you will have the intention, courage and single-mindedness to begin and to continue. If you are more than willing to put regular exercise into your heart and body’s programming, then you are ready for whatever it takes to get that healthier body and mind.



Along with strong will is the dedication and determination to achieve the fruits of regular exercise. You know how amazing and beneficial the outcomes of a healthy lifestyle would be, and you are truly resolute to obtain them.

Because of that, you are zealous and loyal to the requirements of this pursuit. There are tons of temptations around, aiming to distract you from focusing on your fitness goals, but if you are steadfast, you can overcome them. You are eager and firm because you are dedicated to reaching your goals for your own health.



Diligence is another crucial key that works hand in hand with great will and great dedication. In maintaining regular exercise, a big portion is occupied by diligence. If you are not passionate about working out, it’s difficult to keep going. A diligent person exercises as needed, no matter what, where and when.

You allot tremendous effort and time to make sure that you complete your attendance in regular exercise. Even when you sometimes experience laziness or lack of motivation, you get up, pick up your gym equipment and start the ball rolling. With a fitness coach, you also never fail to show commendable vigor to working out. You are enthusiastic to learn all the routines you have to learn and just everything you should persevere with.

Being persistent brings you far. It levels up your regular exercise and not only keeps you where you are.



When exercising, it is imperative to not only sweat off and show that you are moving; you must also do every movement and routine with quality. Quality is another essential in sustaining regular exercise.

Look after the quality of your workout. If it’s of good quality, it’s effective. That means it serves its purpose, and you are actually benefiting. And while you are benefiting, you can absolutely feel it deep within your body and heart. You feel better, refreshed, rejuvenated, recharged in every way. Your body starts to feel really wonderful, and your mindset changes fruitfully as well. This is how a quality workout works. It works efficiently!

With this, you can, little by little, maintain regular exercise since this drives you to want more of the merits you are getting. You want to keep that vibrant feeling alive inside and out, so you keep exercising. It’s awesome, and you have experienced it first-hand, and you don’t want to let it go, so you keep exercising!



Last but definitely never the least is consistency. To maintain something, you have to be consistent in doing it. To maintain regular exercise, you have to be consistent in doing it.

When you get used to it because of consistency, exercising will not feel like an arduous responsibility. When you start loving it and its rewards, exercising will not feel burdensome to you anymore. Consistency changes your perspective for the better, and it allows you to appreciate exercising even more!


Many fail even before they get to take the first step because they do not have the right mindset. Regular exercise is something physical but the desire starts from within. You need to hold these essential keys for you to get your head and heart ready before your human body sets off for a worthwhile fitness journey.

It’s not always easy. It’s more often than not a struggle for many. Sometimes, you might feel like giving up, starting to have doubts about your capacity, and thinking about how hard it is to keep going. But don’t stop until you get to that point wherein regular exercise is no longer a challenging obligation for you but a comfortable lifestyle you cannot live without.

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