Dhow Cruise Dinner a Perfect Pick for Newlyweds

Untiring efforts are made in the wedding preparations so that the newlyweds can have a relaxed and romantic honeymoon. After enjoying the wedding time in full bloom, the newlyweds prefer to spend time with each other and enjoy and relax equally. It is quite essential to keep the magic alive even after the happiness of the wedding day.

There are some attractions in Dubai are highly recommended for the couples who desire to have a blasting honeymoon.

Dhow cruise makes up an ideal venue for dinner. It’s all at once a completely different experience to ride on a sailing cruise throughout the day. The dinner consists of a beautiful combination of international delicacies that are fantastic. The wooden design of those Dhows exhibits the true essence of the good old days. The amazing experience that you will have with your partner at dhow cruise is peerless. Read on to discover why dhow cruise dinner is a perfect pick for newlyweds.

1. Arabic Tea:

Arabic Tea/Coffee is often a component of Arabic ritual. As you board on a sailing ship dinner cruise, the Arabs welcome you with the Arabic tea. It’s a distinctive flavor of tea, herbs and mint leaves.

2. Romantic Atmosphere:

Dubai boat tour is among one of the most romantic trips. Dubai dhow cruise dinner is perfect for newlyweds who intend to spend some romantic moments with each other. Exploring Dubai’s attraction along with your sweetheart is enchanting. If you are planning your trip to Dubai, then don’t miss the dhow cruise. You will experience the romantic atmosphere there which is incomparable to any other romantic place on the earth.

3. Sighting the Glorious Architecture of Dubai:

A ‘dhow’ is an ancient Arabic vessel that was used for fishing and pearl diving in olden times. Dubai cruising offers views of Palm Island and also the bound of the ‘new Dubai’ space. Here you will get a nice mixture of moving scenery in conjunction with dinner that offers you an impressive experience.

In this journey, you will witness the real beauty of this city of dreams amazingly. You will get captivated by sighting the elegance of Dubai from the cruise. This majestic view of Dubai is quite fascinating. The boat sails along the Dubai creek so that you may enjoy sighting the glorious architecture of Dubai. The cool breeze will appease you effectively. You will be gratified seeing the stars which appear like shining diamonds in the sky.

4. Mouthwatering Dinner:

On board, on this cruise tour, there’ll be a buffet dinner supplied with unlimited soft drinks.

The dinners on sailing ship cruises give a lavish 3-course buffet meal ready with 5-star standards.  There are an abundance of options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Even before the buffet starts, once you reach the dock, you’re welcomed with dates and drinks.

Food lovers will get pleasure from unlimited open buffet dinner on board. The quality of food is excellent, and it’s a fantastic dinner where one can enjoy the dining experience and likewise get pleasure from the romantic waves of the ocean.

Both continental and oriental dishes are served on the cruise. The mouthwatering food will tickle your taste buds for a long time. The cuisines served from different parts of the world have a unique flavor. The beverages served on the cruise include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones. You can drink whatever you desire. Live entertainment is also organized, so you enjoy it while having dinner with your partners.

5. Peaceful View:

This dhow cruise dinner allows you to admire the gorgeous, beautiful views of metropolis creek.

The 2-5 hours journey will make you forget all the stress and will make you feel relaxed. The lower deck is fully air-conditioned. You can also appreciate the fresh air at the upper deck. The magically designed cruise walls are made up of glasses so you can enjoy the view peacefully and romantically. In this way, you will enjoy a romantic time with your soulmate. The soft romantic music in the background makes it more glamorous.

6. Entertainment Shows:

The live entertainment on this trip offers great entertainment. As you’re sitting on your table and revel in the sights of contemporary metropolis going past you, native artists will perform some impressive local art forms for your amusement. These dances embrace belly dancing, Tanoura dance, puppet shows, and the beautiful magic shows; creating the complete cruise expertise pretty wholesome.

7. Luxury Cruising:

Dhows are old wooden boats that were masterfully designed and engineered by the native fishing communities and used for navigating the sea and also the ocean. Today, these dhows have evolved from being little sailing boats to great samples of luxury cruises.

Sailing on the Dubai Creek will take you back in time as you pass the traditional Souks and witness pearl diving whereas cruising through Dubai Marina will leave you wide-eyed as you go through sites like the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab.

8. Experience Ancient Culture:

The Dhow cruise dinner is one among the most charming things to try in Dubai city. The activity itself is presenting the important image and also the ancient style of the Arabic culture and the cruising experience over the metropolis creek space.

Final Words:

The newlyweds prefer enjoying some romantic moments. They intend to keep the romance alive after tying the knot to have a happy and healthy marriage life. There is nothing more romantic than the dinner with your partner on dhow cruise which floats through the Dubai creek smoothly.

Cruising the metropolis Creek and visiting the older a part of the city has its charm. Furthermore, the Deira facet of the creek encompasses a few landmark buildings. Dinner cruises on the Dubai Creek and Marina are known for providing the best dining experiences in Dubai.

You will enjoy this unforgettable Dhow cruise dinner with your partner. Various sorts of entertainment at the tour will delight you. The lively nightlife and towering scrappers will leave you amazed. So take out some time to have a mesmerizing journey with your loved one.

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