6 Commandments of a Successful Digital Marketing Plan for Your Company

Incorporating a digital marketing plan for a company’s marketing strategy is easy, but not all of them are effective and successful. A company without a robust digital marketing plan is most likely to result in poor performance. However, creating a successful digital marketing plan is not easy. It requires a grave amount of expertise to create one considering the constant tendency of the market to change. If you strike the right chord, your company could see high returns and not wait forty years to see the promised land.

To create a successful digital marketing plan, it is vital that you religiously follow the below-mentioned commandments:

Thou shall be clear about thy objective

If your vision is vivid, then you will be able to define your objectives. It’s imperative to figure out where you want to see your company in the future and what niche you want to dominate. You must be clear about your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). If what you are offering is no different from your competitors then there is no reason why anyone should be interested in availing whatever you have to offer. Having a vivid idea of what output your plan must produce is essential.

Thou shall identify thy audience

For the efficacy of your digital marketing plan, it is essential to have a target audience. You need to find out who your consumers are, where they hang out, what channel of media they predominantly use etc. Your job must be to figure out the best way to get your brand message communicated across to your target audience. This allows you to streamline the activities would be the most efficient.

Thou shall legally spy on thy competitors

It is important to know why your competitors are different and how they are able to rank on Google. An ethical way of knowing where to start is by analyzing your competitors to understand how they’re going about their digital marketing campaign. This provides you with an option of either improving the already existing strategies or incorporating them as they are. When it comes to SEO, a good practice is to use a tool like Ahrefs. Ahrefs is the holy grail of SEO analytics. This tool allows you to export data from your competitors and to see they how they rank high on Google.

Thy strategies must be feasible

Being hasty is not a useful attribute to have. If you are a small company, it is essential to make the most out of the already existing resources. You cannot have unrealistic expectations out of your employees just because you are excited about incorporating a lot of strategies. Understand what is possible for your company at present. If you know that your competitors are using a certain number of strategies, it is not necessary to do the same. Start small. You can always expand! The key is to perfect whatever activities you are carrying out.

Thou shall be able to adapt to every situation

Change is no stranger to the digital marketing world. As new technologies spring out at an exponential rate, it is important to keep up with it. Google’s algorithm change frequency coupled with the growing social communities makes digital marketing appear as a moving target. Remember that Google does not inform the public about a change in algorithm. So always be aware of what is happening around. If you can adapt to the constant change, you will have a certain edge over your competitors. Sometimes there might come the point where you feel that a particular activity isn’t working and you aren’t reaping any rewards despite spending a lot of time and money on it. This activity can always be replaced by another activity that could be gaining a higher revenue.

Thou shall hire according to thy needs

Hiring is something fundamental to make the most of the human resources available. Make sure you choose an assorted set of employees hired according to their forte. For example, if you have a project that has a team of content writers, data analysts and sales executives then the quality of output would be high. A key point to remember when hiring is that you must always hire someone who is quick to understand and willing to work hard. This is because digital marketing can be learned by anyone. Hiring a person of average intelligence who puts in a lot of hard work is better than someone who is extremely smart and unwilling to put in the effort.

Results can only be seen after a while. Therefore, it is important that you don’t get discouraged if nothing happens immediately. This takes some time and you should be willing to be patient if you want to see results. Most digital marketing plans have become successful purely because they were aggressive when they needed to be and passive when required. Now that you’ve received this valuable words of life, go forth and spread the good news because your company is about to be showered with blessings.

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