DIY Easy Cute Ideas with Fabrics

In case you love sewing, then you are obviously supposed to have a few fabric scraps remaining. More often than not, you are left with some loose fabric scraps, and you have no idea what to do with these fabric scraps. This is why this article is the perfect thing to give you an idea as to how to make the best use of loose fabric scraps. Here are some DIY Easy Cute Ideas with Fabrics:

Phone Case

Creating phone case with loose fabric scrap is considered as a brilliant idea. Everybody uses a phone these days, and nothing can be a better option for creating a phone case with the scraps you have. Fabric phone cases will do wonders for your phone. First of all, it can be used as the perfect holder for your phone. Moreover, it will also protect your phone from any kind of physical damage. On the other hand, the case will also increase the aesthetic value of your phone. Therefore, with the use of fabric made phone case you get to have a number of benefits at once.

Monogram Pouch

Another awesome item that you can make with fabric scrap is a monogram pouch. With proper use of loose scraps of fabric, you can make some of the most beautiful and cute looking monogram pouches. You can gift these pouches to someone special, or you can use it for your own purpose. You can use it as your own purse to keep a coin or any other thing in its pockets.

Fabric Flower Accent Pillow

On the other hand, you can also utilize your loose scraps of fabric to make some beautiful fabric flower accent pillow. You can easily decorate your room using these pillows. You have the option of using various colors to make the pillows look colorful and vibrant. Such a pillow is likely to take even less than an hour for you to make.If you want an outstanding pillow cover you can order a custom fabric from various digital fabric printing services available online.

Dishtowel Belts

Dishtowel belts come very handy in the kitchen. If you are left with some loose fabric scraps, then use those to make dish towel belts to make the best use of it. Fabric-made dish towels are known to be very helpful and adorable. Moreover, you can craft the belts to hold them in place. These can be cute and beautiful. You are just supposed to use some loose fabric along with Velcro, and you are almost there. You can perfectly decorate your kitchen and increase its aesthetic value.

Marble Necklace

If you have a thing for handmade necklaces, then you can make the best use of your loose fabric scraps and make marble necklace with it. You are just supposed to tie the fabric scraps around the marbles to create the necklaces. You can keep it to yourself and use it. You even have the option to wear it with matching clothes. On the other hand, you can also gift the marble necklace to someone special if you want.

Square Circle Skirt

Apart from the above items, you can also make a square circle skirt for babies with fabric. Such adorable skirts for the kids can be the perfect thing to gift them. They are easier to make than you think. You are just supposed to take two squares of the fabric and then layer them, and square circle skirt is ready. This way you can make the cutest skirt for the little member of your family. Moreover, you can also add different designs in the skirts to make them even more adorable.

ChapStick Holder

Keychain ChapStick is always considered to be a handy and useful item available out there. And being able to make such Chap Stick holders from loose fabric scraps is undoubtedly a perfect idea to put the fabric to use. The process is quite easy. Grab some fabric scraps and make the ChapStick holder by folding, twisting or stitching some of the parts. You can even add various designs if you want.  Stylish and fashionable ChapStick holders are always considered to be an attraction amongst teenagers.

Cuddle Pillow

If you love cuddling with your loved ones, then it is high time you should get some cuddle pillows in case you still have not got one. You have the option of making such cuddling pillows out of fabric scraps. Since these are quite easy to make, you will easily be able to have some of the best cuddle pillows that you can use while cuddling.

Kids Belts

Kids always prefer colorful and vibrant items. You can, thus, utilize your color fabric scraps and make kids belts and gift them. It is sure that your kids will be extremely happy with the belts. A strip of fabric and a D ring are all that you need to make kids belts. You can even belts in different colors and designs to match with different outfits. Making these belts do not even need much time.

Custom Camera Strap Cover

If you have a camera, then you are required to have a proper strap cover to secure the device. You can utilize any loose fabric strap that you may have to make a cover for your camera. This strap cover will be both comfortable and unique. It will do two things. First of all, your camera will remain protected and won’t get damaged. On the other hand, when it is covered, it will be aesthetically beautiful.

Fabric Bookmark

If you are a bibliophile, then you must have some bookmarks. And making your own bookmarks from fabric scraps is the best thing you can do. It is likely to take only about 5 minutes for you to make such bookmarks. You can even gift it to others. It is considered as a perfect gift for anybody and everybody such as students, teachers, friends, colleagues etc.

Hair Bows

You can make some beautiful and adorable hair bows using the leftover fabric. Make multiple hair bows to wear it with matching clothes. You can go for any of the above described DIY Easy Cute Ideas with Fabrics printing services.

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