9 Easy Hacks for Android App Development

You always have to find the possible way to outreach the customers in the world of competition. The entrepreneurs have found the best way to reach the customer is by developing an application.

Application development is the quickest way to come into the eyes of the customer. Also, it will help to grab the opportunity to reach out to the customer. Thus, it will increase ROI.

Furthermore, you are required to have an expert professional and a prolific designer to execute your application. Both the developer and designer will be available in the app making company who has hands-on experience in executing the finest quality projects.

To-Do List for Android App Development

  • User Interface and Experience

The user interface and experience play a significant role in the success of the application. The first thing an app owner needs to keep in mind is the user interface because, with a poor interface, no user is going to continue using the app, which fails in the application.

The interface should be such that it gives easy access to the user. Facilitating user interaction is the sole purpose of user interaction and enhancing the user experience by making a minimum of clicks in the application.

  • Check Performance

The performance of an application should be regularly monitored before making it live for the general public. Meticulous research should be done over the performance of the application because a slight mistake can lead to a big non-performance.

An app owner needs to verify that the app is ready to go live and that it is the developer’s responsibility to track the app response rate.

Tracking response rates and testing the application requires a team of professionals who have the knowledge and hands-on experience in executing multiple projects.

Furthermore, the costing of building an app is a vital factor as that becomes an important factor in deciding the budget of application.

  • Understand the Target Audience

The idea to develop an application has several factors which include, market segmentation, demographic segmentation, pricing policy, and target audience.

The app owner has to check the target audience, which is going to be benefited from the development of an application.

The target audience also has parameters such as age, group, sex, profession, and location. For example, when you target an age group below 18, then you have to prepare an app which is infographic as well as with the representation.

  • Select the right platform

The selection of platforms is an important task for building an application. With ample platforms such as android apps, web apps, native apps, or hybrid apps, you can select any of it to build your application.

Choosing the correct operating system is also important: Android, iOS, or Windows to reach out to the audience. Android is favorable in developing an application as it is faster and quicker.

  • Building for all devices

Android devices come in different shapes and sizes and with ample of fragmentation, it is mandatory to craft a design that matches all the device sizes. Your app should have the potential to respond in all the devices to reach the maximum audience across the globe.

The developer has to configure all kinds of devices to reach the audience globally. Also, you have to consider essential factors while building an app, i.e., screen size, OS version, languages that are official, etc.

  • Android SDK

Android SDK means a software development kit that manages to build an app for the Android Operating system. It has Android API libraries & developers tools that are necessary for debugging, developing, and testing the apps.

  • Android Studio

It is an integrated development environment for building Android applications. The previous version to make Android Application was Eclipse, but later on, Google announced Android Studio. It became an official integrated development kit for app builders.

Android Studio became a favorable technology for Android Application Development focuses on building high performing and quality apps. The features of Android Studio are as follows:

  • Debugging
  • Instant Deploy System
  • Editing
  • Performance Tooling
  • Database

SQLite is an official version of Android that stores and collects data and information. It is affordable as it open-sources, and there is no need to make additional emails.

The database has features like preparing statements, SQL syntax, and transactions. The database can hold the Text, Integer, or real numbers.

Also, the database will be stored in the directory DATA/data/<package-name>/databases/<db-name>.

  • Embed the latest technologies

The evolution of app development has already started, and with that, many technologies have taken place in simplifying the development process and have also brought effective results.

Android App Development has evolved from customization to integration of chatbots and augmented reality. The integration of such services into the application has provided a SMEs a stronghold over the market and help them fight the tough digital competition.

Tip: Do not integrate too many third-party applications into one application as it can result in slowing down of the application or takes time in loading application.

Technology is evolving, and with that, many cognitive technologies are coming in, you can focus on such things and build an application that includes the use of cognitive technologies.


The above points are the complete hacks behind developing android applications. Building an Android app is cost-effective and less time-consuming.

We have seen 9 points which, if followed strictly, could result in developing a highly-intuitive application.

We hope you had a great time reading this article and it proves to be of great value for you. Thank You.!

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