Turn to Eco-friendly Corporate Diwali Gifts in 2021

Most companies are no strangers to the fact that sending out good wishes in the form of heartfelt, memorable presents to employees, partners, distributors, clients, and every entity valuable to the firm is a very effective way of building robust, favourable and advantageous relations. However, while trying to practice the good old corporate gifting tradition to connect with their staff and fulfil their obligations towards their workforce, most companies overlook their responsibility towards the planet and nature entirely.

Numerous surveys over the years have shown that the use of plastic and pollution rates increase substantially during festive celebrations in India. Plastic harms the environment in multiple ways. Therefore, every individual should obtain the habit of not using plastic products in their day to day activities. And as beneficiaries of nature, every enterprise must always go for sustainable and eco-friendly options. So, with Diwali just around the corner, it is an excellent opportunity to start doing the same and distribute ecologically sound, plastic-free Corporate Diwali Gifts instead of items that would only add to the gradual environmental deterioration.

Here are 3 of the non-polluting, practical gift alternatives available on Loopify that everyone will undoubtedly love:

Any person who receives food infancy, aesthetic green-collar packages as Corporate Diwali Gifts is going to be impressed and ecstatic. These hampers are made of recyclable or plantable paper with organic fibres, have cloth decorations, and the edibles come in glass bottles that can be reused over and over again. The parties on the receiving end will be getting delicious, preservative-less and healthy snacks to munch on in their free time and non-plastic containers, which will remind them of your firm every time they use them.

  • Desk organizer hamper-

Keeping one’s desk neat is considered a task and a half by people of all age groups, be it a young adult new to a job or a person close to their retirement. Therefore, help them tick one chore off their daily to-do list by having these bundles containing attractively colour-coordinated stationery, cardholder, pen stand and notes box delivered as Corporate Diwali Gifts. All the items are made of cow dung minus the stench and paper that has seeds and can be planted, grown into small desk plants to add a pop of green once its work is done.

  • Spa day hampers-

In today’s age of endless hustle and little self-care, giving eco-friendly self-love, spa hampers will surely make your employee as well as nature smile. These Corporate Diwali Gifts can include high-quality wellness and skincare products with organic and cruelty-free ingredients, free body scrub, bar soaps, essential oils, herb teas, natural lip scrubs, anything one could need a relaxed day off, all in non-plastic, reusable containers.

Along with sound corporate decisions, making mindful choices that, along with keeping our environment safe, also positively impact it, are marks of a good company. So choose these eco-friendly Corporate Diwali Gifts and let 2021 Diwali be a greener, plastic-free, cruelty-free Diwali for you and your corporate family!

News Reporter